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Diabetic Foot Problem Prevention

Diabetic Foot Problem Prevention

Supplements can improve sensory function in hands and feet such as

Thiamine (Vitamin B-1)
Thiamine is yet another nutrient that is often deficient in diabetics. A deficiency is often seen in those with diabetic neuropathy. Neuropathy often responds to Thiamine supplements. In one study 80% of subjects improved while taking Thiamine supplements

Other names:                  Anurine, Aneurine, Thaminium
Best form to take:           Thiamine Hydrochloride (HCL)
Usual dosage:                30-100mg per day
Approximate cost:          Less than $10 per month
Other effects:                  Used to treat Alcoholism and Cirrhosis
Possible side effects:   Normalizes low blood pressure

Vitamin B-12
A vitamin B-12 deficiency is thought to be an important cause of diabetic neuropathy. Injections improved pain and numbness with no obvious side effects.

Other names:                  Cobalamins, Methyl cobalamin
Best form to take:           Capsules
Usual dosage:                25-1,000mcg per day
Approximate cost:          Less than $10 per month
Other effects:                  Mild insomnia with larger doses
Possible side effects:    Very few side effects other than mild stimulation

Vitamin C helps to accelerate healing of foot ulcers and other foot injuries and at the same time reduces inflammation of foot tissues. A vitamin C deficiency causes sugar metabolism problems. Diabetics are thought to suffer from elevated levels of oxidative stress which requires that the intake of antioxidants be increased. The smallest blood vessels (capillaries) suffer damage when vitamin C is deficient. Even a marginal deficiency can cause capillary damage. Vitamin C is absorbed into the lining of blood vessels where it acts to keep plaque from forming.
Other names:                  Ascorbic acid, Calcium Ascorbate
Best form to take:           Mixed forms that include Calcium Ascorbate
Usual dosage:                 500-1,000mg per day
Approximate cost:          $5 per month

Other effects:                   Widely used as an anti-aging nutrient and to
                                          prevent heart disease and cancer. Also  reduces
                                          systolic blood pressure.

Possible side effects:     Can cause diarrhea in very large doses.
Vitamin C reduces the level of sorbitol, an alcohol of sugar, in tissues. Sorbitol accumulation has been implicated in the creation of a number of common diabetic complications including:
- Cataracts
- Blindness
- Nerve damage in the hands and feet

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