Thursday, February 11, 2010

Hungry Bears, Ingenuity and Duct Tape!

During a private "fly-in" fishing excursion in the Alaskan wilderness, the chartered pilot and fishermen foolishly left a cooler with extra bait in it, in the plane.

A bear smelled it.

The bear was hungry.

Very hungry.

The bear didn't much care for noisy airplanes.

So he flattened both the tires, beyond repair.

Still no fish, but he had effectively disabled his quarry.

Next he attacked the tail, for good measure.

Then he tore into the starboard fuslage.

Still no fish. 

He lumbered around the plane and tore into the port fuselage. 

Still no fish.

Finally he ripped his way into the cockpit.

And got access to the cooler and the bait.


Bear had a nice luncheon.

But the bear forgot to disable the radio.  

When the pilot and his charter guest returned, needless to say, they were aghast.

The pilot radioed another pilot friend to make an emergency run and bring him a supply of plastic sheeting, 2 new tires and three cases of duct tape. 

Diligently he began putting his plane back together.  

When the pilot was finished, he flew it home!

Maybe next time, he will leave the plane bare...

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