Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Speed up Your Computer

Speed up your start time:
For Windows XP & earlier versions
go to start menu
go to RUN
type msconfig
when that window pops up
Select the Startup Tab at the top
scroll through and uncheck all the programs you do NOT want to start when your computer starts, (nearly every programmer for some off reason insists his program start when your computer starts, this is completely annoying, unless it's a program you use every day
when you are done click OK)
it will ask you to restart your computer, but you don't have to right now, but when you do, put on your seatbelt and enjoy the speed!

Enjoy these FREE programs to speed up your computer:


  1. Very nice post! In my opinion, though every computer will become slow, there are still some ways that we can do to fix a slow computer. See more further information here... Good luck every one!

  2. If you had a MAC, none of this would be relevant!!



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