Thursday, February 17, 2011

Out of Order

I've really mucked things up now. Somehow my blog had a hiccup.  

The last think I wrote was:

Woke Up With Two Black Eyes!

Somehow the blog posted it out of order, so the 

was showing up as the post for two days running.

Very strange. 

Mornings are becoming more traumatic. Yesterday I woke up with two black eyes, today I woke up to discover that the puppy had been pretty sick during the night, poor thing. So I had my hands full cleaning up after that.  Things I won't describe had come from one end or the other of the puppy, landing in various spots throughout the motorhome floors.  I guess in my haste to toss out the throw rugs, then sweep and mop, I knocked the propane switch off.  Problem was, I didn't notice this.  The switch is located about 6 inches above the floor. 

Puppy was looking rather scared, as he heard me say "Ut Oh!"  more than once, as I cleaned rugs, mopped the floor and so on.  In his past life someone may have been mean to him if he got sick. Poor thing, I hated it that he looked so scared.  I cleaned up the mess, then loved up on him,  cuddling him like a baby, talking sweetly, asking him if his tummy had a hurt. He looked very pathetic, but enjoyed the extra attention. 

Later when I went to wash up with nice hot water, the propane hot water would not turn on. Ut oh!  So I busted up camp, drove the motorhome to the propane place, then discovered I had 1/4 tank of propane. Now this can happen in super cold weather, but the weather been's fairly temperate lately.  I burst out laughing, while the puzzled guy filled up my tank, I checked for the emergency propane switch which also operates the alarm.  It was off. 

That was the same alarm that went off last summer when I thought I was on fire:

Just a comedy of mistakes and booboos.I watched the guy fill up the tank to 3/4's.  That's all you can put in a propane tank, so technically I still had a third of a tank, when I rushed off to buy more. I forgot to ask him how many gallons that took. He didn't give me a receipt, just asked for $19.50 which sounded about right for buying 2/3's of a tank. 

Since his place was next to the Save-A-Lot, I went in there to pick up produce. They have really good bargains. My refrigerator only had lettuce, grapes and a pepper, my deep dark lair only had two sweet potatoes, which I love.  I was delighted to find squash, broccoli, cauliflower, blueberries, spinach, celery, onions, bananas, avocado, tomatoes and toilet paper.  The line was really long, with only one cashier, but she was super cheerful and speedy. The customers were careful to let each other go in turn, since the line had disintegrated towards the end, to allow other customers to pass through the aisles. 

I had forgotten my bags, they charge extra for bags, which they have a unique system for checking you out anyhow. They just toss your stuff into a shopping cart, as they ring it up. Afterwards, you can pull off to the side, where they have a long table, there you can bag or box your stuff to take home. If you've remembered to bring your bags or to scour the store for boxes. I had done neither.

I just pushed my cart load of goodies, minus the bags,  out to the motorhome. Puppy was absolutely delighted when I opened the side door entrance, and began tossing in food supplies, since nothing was bagged up, it was kind of comical as he personally inspected everything that came through the door, noting there were no toys or sweaters for him. 

I had made myself a hand drawn map, so we wandered on to the next store, Dollar General, where I checked for their latest bargains.  Doggy hopped out, watered some parking lot grass, then got back in. I had thought we would go to a pretty park and walk, but I was suddenly very tired. So when I returned, we ended our day trip.  I've been super tired lately, even sleeping a lot more than usual. 

While I was returning the grocery cart to the store, this truck careening through the parking lot with a crazy woman yacking on her cell phone DIDN'T SEE ME!  I thought my heart had stopped, she missed me by an inch or less, as she floored the gas in her haste to get out of there. 

I had left my wallet locked up in the motorhome with the doggy when I had dropped off the groceries. Imagine if she had run me down, I would have been laying there dead or half dead with no ID and puppy locked up in the RV!  

Maybe I should wear dog tags. 

Oh and here's my rant and rave. Musselman Apple Sauce advertises on the front of the label "Naturally Fat Free!"  But when you read the ingredients, it contains High Fructose Corn Syrup.  Yuck!  I had such a hard time, going to three different stores, before I found plain applesauce with no added sugars. Why is good healthy food so hard to find?

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