Sunday, February 13, 2011

Bone Chilling

I've got to get the comedy back in my life. It's 2:10am. I love the sound of the train going by, whistle, track rumblings and all. Noisy highways, I don't care for at all. But the sound of a train, runs deep through my veins. 

Obviously I've been in a deep funk over losing my near and dear friend. Today, both puppy and I were sickly. Very odd. Probably just stress. 
Small wonder I am so homesick for the Virgin Islands.
I saw this view several times a week, when I lived there. 
If you haven't read my book,
then you're missing out on the comedy of the Caribbean. 

Finally we both climbed into bed and cuddled up together. When I woke up a few hours later, I felt remarkably better. But earlier, we did take many walks together.  He sits in the window, then goes nuts when he sees a "friend" walk by, begging me to take him out.  A friend to him is anyone that has ever petted him or looked at him, plus he is buddies with all the dogs here, even though most refuse to be buddies with each other.  He just has a winning, positive, happy attitude. 

Plus he's so ugly, he's cute. 

I am trying to train him.  He would make a fantastic charity service dog. He does bring such happiness, to even hardened dog-haters. He seems confused when his enthusiastic attitude is rebuffed, but he quickly gets over it, forever ignoring that person or creature. I just love him dearly. He truly is rapidly becoming my best-est buddy in the whole wide world.  Hell, everyone else seems to be dropping like flies. 

There is a huge fluffy cat in the park.  When Wolfman Harley seems him, he barks and I say "Shh!"  The cat fluffs up all his fur to look terrifying, this makes puppy want to bark more while I say "Shh!", aiming my water pistol at the dog. He quickly ignores the cat, pretending there is a blade of glass he is intensely interested in.  Frankly, I think he is jealous the cat roams freely while he is tethered to a string. Maybe the silly puppy doesn't realize that cat is more than triple his weight with super shapr claws. 

We watched the Germans set up their camp, then the next day morning, break it down again, then in the afternoon, come back and set up again. I know they are Germans because it's 41F degrees and they are wearing expensive leather sandals, with no socks. Just for grins, I spoke to them, torturing them with my five words of German. Yes, they are German, on holiday in the USA for 2 months in a rented motorhome. 

I just have to be so careful, his enthusiasm doesn't do him in. Like he dashed out the door, minus his leash, romping across the street to greet someone, nearly giving me heart failure. 

It was bitterly cold today. I couldn't get my feet to warm up. I put the heater under the table. My legs were hot but my feet felt like they were in a bucket of ice. 

Yesterday, I forced myself to make yogurt again. This time I had my new thermometer, which I am not convinced is calibrated right. There are instructions on how to re-calibrate it. I've never seen or heard of a thermometer that could be recalibrated. 

The fantastically great news is that today, when I checked,  this batch of yogurt came out awesome! I lost track of the time.  I guess it incubated about 20 hours.  My oven pilot light, when lit (normally I keep it off) provides the perfect temperature for incubating yogurt. Yippee!  Trial and error, I will get this right eventually. 

Or maybe not. 

I am amazed it came out right, as last night I forgot to close the windows. I woke up and it was 41F degrees INSIDE. Later I ran into someone who asked me if I was OK, because they came home at 3am, driving very slowly, so as not to disturb folks. My motorhome lot is on a corner, he had to go by. He said he was freezing, when he drove by, noticing my windows were open. 

I was buried in my bed with the mattress warmer on number ten setting, so I didn't feel the chill until I got up. Brrrrrrrrrrrr.

There is no plain yogurt in walking distance, I go through so much of it, because of my special diet. But there is milk in walking distance, so I have been experimenting with various methods of making yogurt and taking notes at the same time. 

I've been basically forcing myself to do things, while still in a state of shock. 

Doggy and I went to the laundry. He is for some reason terrified of the wheels on the luggage. I am still pretty weak, but trying to build up my stamina again.

However, my replacement ultraviolet-C light bulb for my Germ Guardian (air sanitizer)  arrived, so I have it running again. Thank goodness.  That thing has been a lifesaver, killing 99.9% of viruses, bateria and mold spores. 

Does that mean dead things are laying around my motorhome?

The bulb blew when the campground had electrical problems, so I've been without it for weeks, and been sick too. A coincidence or what? 

I stuffed all my laundry into wheeled luggage, attached puppy's leash to it and down the road we went. He acted scared to death, so I picked him up and carried him. He was shaking all over, I thought maybe he was just cold in spite of wearing a sweater and a flannel coat. At the laundry room, I clicked his tether to a metal pipe. He shook all over, looking mortified. I wondered what on earth had happened to him in his previous life to make him so terrified of luggage wheels and laundry rooms. I tried to talk softly to him, while loading up the washer. He shook from head to tail, looking terrified. I left the luggage on top of the washer. I hope folks around here are honest. Even walking away again, poor little puppy acted like he was being scolded. So I scooped him up in my arms, trying to convince him he was loved and I would never do anything to harm him. 

Today something awful blew in from the north with that bone chilling cold, that chills you to the very core, making me super homesick for the Caribbean. 

While out walking, I ran into an elderly man, who mentioned how cold it was. I told him I was packing up and moving to Florida. He looked at me strangely, then burst out laughing. In sotto voce, he said "Honey, you are in Florida!"

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