Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Stinky Tootsies

Cumin in my breakfast yogurt. What a mistake. The Cumin bottle was next to the Cinnamon bottle. What's worse, the cumin is in the entire breakfast batch. So I get to eat it for 5 days in a row. I'm on a budget, I can't throw out good food. Grrrrr...

I was mixing up a quart of plain yogurt, with multi-grain oatmeal, fresh blueberries, with a splash of honey and vanilla. As a final touch, I was adding cinnamon.   

I needed the cinnamon because it helps regulate blood sugar. I'm trying to reverse diabetes with diet. After I had sprinkled liberally, I smelled something funny. It was cumin. It went all over the blueberries and yogurt, sticking to the squirt of honey, swimming in the splash of vanilla. I scooped out some of the blueberries, rinsed them off.  Still there was cumin stuck everywhere. 

I sighed. 

I mumbled.

I groaned. 

I added lots of cinnamon, stirred it all up, then stuck it in the refrigerator to soak. The next morning, in my half sleep, I scooped out a bowl of the breakfast mix.  It was cold in the motorhome, about 54F degrees. I turned on the heat, then crawled back in my warm bed, with my breakfast bowl and spoon. I tasted the yogurt mix, wrinkled my nose, then remembered, it had cumin in it. 

Well, it sure gave it a Mexican flavor!

Tonight I need to make more yogurt, but I am so tired. 

Another article I wrote was finally published today. The notice made me giggle. I had forgotten the whimsical title I gave it:

(Link no longer works,  removed July 2019) 

Click here: End Stinky Feet The Easy Way 

I've been trying to organize links to all my articles scattered across the web.  Some of the titles I chose, some were assignments with a title already set in stone.  One was a bad title, I didn't like the assignment at all, because it was negative, but I turned something in anyhow. Incredibly, it was accepted and published. That one was:

Click here: 10 Worst Things About Family Vacations
(Link no longer works,  removed July 2019) 

I liked the title to this one though, because I got to pick it myself:
Click here: Positive Puppy Potty Training
(Link no longer works,  removed July 2019) 

Are you embarrassing me again?
Talking about puppy potty training?
I'm a big boy now!
Let's move on. 

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