Thursday, February 03, 2011

Side Deals by Puppy?

Bite my tongue!

In the heat of my fever, on my last post, I complained, about people not being friendly.

Well *AHEM*  today someone came around to invite me to a potluck dinner in 2 weeks, another couple came around to see about my broken air conditioner and brought Harley some meat bones. He is having the time of his life with those too.  He seems to attract all sorts of gifts.

It's like someone has tattooed on his head "poor little puppy".

Another lady brought him two different ziplocks of assorted doggy treats. WOW!

She had turned up at my door early this morning asking for coffee. I pulled out my can of coffee saying I would get a ziplock and fill it up and give it to her. She said "Um, no, I mean can I have a cup of coffee already made up?"  So I made her a cup of coffee, offered her honey and milk. She mumbled it was a rough morning, and she couldn't find her coffee pot. She refused to come inside, even though I invited her, she just stood at my open doorway.

I handed her my mug of coffee, she started to walk off, after thanking me. I told her to come back for more coffee anytime. She mentioned again, that she had a coffee pot, but couldn't seem to find it. Well, I've had a rough time too, so I fully understand.

It was an odd request, from someone I only know by saying "Hello" whenever I see them etc, but I'm a yes type of person, so I didn't think much about it. Later in the day, she returned the mug.  About an hour later, she showed up with  these baggies of dog treats!  Harley sure was spoiled. First bones, now treats.

Eventually she turned up again, wanting to borrow duct tape, so I passed that to her. Then she needed a flashlight, so I loaned her that too. A while later, she brought the doggy a toy.

Is my dog making all these side deals, I don't know about?

Is he trading off my stuff to acquire his own stuff for himself?


Later, (this gets even funnier)  she came by carrying a coffee pot someone had given her, wanting to know if I had filters. So I gave her a stack of filters.  I even asked if she needed coffee, but she said she could find the coffee in her own place.

I know what it's like, sometimes your motorhome develops a big deep dark hole where things vanish. Like the time my prescription sunglasses hid for over a month. I sorely missed them when I drive, as they are prescriptions. One day I said out loud "God?  I really miss those glasses and I just don't have it go buy a new pair right now!"

A few minutes later, I had parked. The sun was giving me a head ache. I left the driver's seat, to go in back to write in my log book before I got out to stretch my legs.  I dropped my pen on the floor, it rolled up under one of the arm chairs, bolted to the floor.

I was trying to carefully get down on my bad knee and pick it up. There, under the chair, were my missing sunglasses. I have no idea how or why they were there, or how I had swept there so many times and never bumped into them. I sure was happy to have them back, because driving without them, gives me an annoying headache.

Back to the couple with the dog bones...

The very nice man said he would look at my air conditioner. I offered to pay him, just got a grunt in reply, so not sure what that means. He diagnosed it. Says it just needs the bearings oiled, but you have to climb up on the roof, take out two bolts, and then squirt 3-in-1 oil on it.  He made it sound so easy...

I must admit, I don't much care for heights since busting up my knees. I feel wobbly *giggle*. Not sure I should be careening about my roof until this fever subsides.

I can live without the air conditioner, but on the other hand, living in a tiny motorhome without it, can be dangerous at times. They can heat up like an oven in certain conditions.

Mainly I missed being able to use the overhead fan to cool the place. I can often be quite happy with just the fan running. I am so used to the constant trade winds of the Caribbean, that I often use the fan. Or did. Before it stopped turning over. I was so relieved it wasn't something serious.

Now I wonder *ut oh* is someone from the park reading my blog?  I owe a huge apology for saying folks weren't friendly.  Or for accusing them of being northerners (well many are). Shame on me. I have lots of northern friends, so I must have been under the influence of bad fever to say such a thing.

Tsk tsk tsk, shame on me.

I fell back in bed again this afternoon. Sleep seems like the fastest way to get well. I fell into a deep, deep sleep.  I woke up, covered in sweat, so disoriented that it was daylight and not dark thirty.The dog was licking my sweaty forehead, like a little nurse.  I got up feeling faint, so I  had a cheese snack, actually some of my homemade pimento cheese spread on the last 3 crackers. Then I realized I didn't buy anymore crackers at the grocery store. Oh well.

I think I am on gallon two of water today, trying to brake or break this fever. Slow it down, or make it cease and desist. Did I tell you my drugs ended up 40 miles away?  I still haven't gone to get them, that's 80 miles round trip down 35mph roads with lots of traffic signals.

I give up.  Too sick to break camp, to drive the motorhome to  make that trip.

I don't understand how it is with computers, life has become so complicated or why the store can't seem to transfer my drugs to the other store 3 miles from me. They belong to the same chain and same computers!  Can't they just call each other and switch my prescription around?  I don't get it.

Well, the heck with it, I will either be dead or well, by the time I get the drugs, so I give up. They win!  Keep your drugs!

But why do little things irritate the heck out of me?  Or is it just this fever?

Like there is this certain "person" who walks 2 dogs, several times a day, with about as much grace as a 2 year old eating spaghetti with one chop stick.

Their dogs yap, growl, howl, whine, jump, and tangle endlessly at the least little thing.

The owner seems to have zero control over them. Even worse, it seems the owner is stalking me *giggle*.

Whenever "this person"  sees me with my puppy, this person  yells above their barking, growling, snarling, tangling, dogs, "Are you picking up your dog poop?"

I am just sick and tired of this chronic rudeness. This person never answers my friendly "Good morning"  or "Hello"  with anything cheery. It's always the same rude question.

What's even crazier, is that I am well organized when it comes to dog walking. I have a jumbo carabiner with a padded handle.

On it,  I have the dog's leash, his pouch of poop baggies, my keys, and sometimes other stuff, like my little camera or change purse for the laundry, or a grocery bag of garbage (until I make it to the dumpster).

It works great. I love my jumbo carabiner. It keeps my fool head organized.

A few folks have admired my jumbo carabiner, saying stuff like "What a great idea!"

I now daydream up TERRIBLE things when I see "that person" and I say "Hello" and they yell the same rude question at me each time.

Like ripping open the baggie I am carrying and  flinging my dog poop at "this person"...

Or strangling "this person" with their own uncontrollable dog leashes...

Or begin barking loudly and whining and jumping frantically at "this person" (mimicking their dogs).

I tell you, this fever is making me crazy!

All I can say, is at least I can hold my feverish head high, cause my little pooch, is behaving nicely, ignoring "that person's"  snarling, barking, jumping, tangling dogs.

He used to want to meet the dogs and play with them.  But now, he ignores them, and I think I uncontrollably roll my eyes when I run into "this person".  *giggle*

And WHY is "this person" always walking their dogs when I am?  I sort of feel like they spy on me, soon as I go out to walk my happy doggy, they seem to suddenly appear, literally dogging my steps. I don't even walk the same route each time. Puppy and I vary things around.  We aren't stuck in a rut.  We don't keep to a schedule, so how do we keep running into the same person with the same wild dogs and the same rude question?

It's mind boggling...

Back to bed with this fever and gallon three of water... or was it gallon two?

Maybe I can teach puppy to roll his eyes too.

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  1. Great reading...Hope you feel better soon. Amazing the people we meet "on the road"


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