Saturday, February 26, 2011

Blast Off To Parts Unknown

Looks like we skipped a day or so posting. Wolfman Harley (puppy) and I were under the weather. But, we saw the space shuttle launch, yippee!

Actually, we were in jail.  Oops!  (That's enough to seriously put one under the weather...)

I felt the earth rumble when the engines started, but that was it, no more earthquake type rock and roll.  I guess we were  far enough away to avoid that. 

Taken from the back of the police car.  (Traffic was so thick, it took hours for them to get us locked up.)
My scientific explanations.

I guess the astronauts on board were new at this steering, or maybe the humanoid was at the wheel.

Like Magic!  The Discovery Shuttle was GONE!
By the way I submitted my carefully captioned pictures and article to the AP wires.
They sent back a two word email "You're crazy!"
My feelings were deeply hurt.
Puppy is insulted we didn't get paid, he wanted a new Frisbee and a Golf Ball out of the deal.

Earlier in the day we walked down to highway US 1 to snap this picture.
See how far away we were?
So doggy and I hiked on over to NASA, scaled the barbed wire fence,
and took a picture of the control box!
Um, then we were arrested...

I had a much closer picture of the control box, so you could clearly read the labels, but it was confiscated when we were arrested. 
Luckily, I had hidden the other pictures, so we still have these few. 
Wolfman Harley, thinks his mug shot makes him look older than his tender years. 
So...   after we escaped  left the jail, we hightailed it back to the motorhome, then hit the road for parts unknown. 
See, Wolfman Harley needed to go outside to water a few bushes. 
So the jailer let me walk him outside. 
And we just kept walking.  (Ran like hell is more like it!)
We saw a guy painting a house, we told him it looked pretty. 
He thanked us, then hopped in his work van to go to lunch. 
We stole  borrowed a gallon of his house paint to repaint the motorhome. 
It's Robin Egg Shell Blue. Not my favorite color, but it will have to do. 
Meanwhile puppy dog has peroxided his fur, so he is blond now. 
He doesn't want to look like his mug shot. 
Oh, and PLEASE  send money (contributions) for lawyers.  
Paypal info listed below.  :)
Puppy thinks we should plead temporary insanity, but he wants his own lawyer and a guardian ad libitum, just to be safe.  
Dissension in the ranks?
Thank you, any contribution will do, pennies, dollars, whatever you can spare. 
Puppy dog is especially worried, he's heard  of arrested animals that are killed for their crimes. 

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