Friday, July 01, 2011

Jumping Ears

I found a mislabeled photo folder.  So I peeked inside. 

There was this goofy picture of Harley WITH BOTH EARS UP!  

He  had only been with me a month. Puppy was 6 months old. In this picture, he was tethered on his outdoor run in Coolville, Ohio at Carthage Gap RV Park.  I was walking out of his range to get a picture of our campground.  I try to take a picture of everywhere we spend the day or night in the motorhome.  

Harley was anxious that was I going out of his tethered range without him. He was literally at the end of his rope, leaping up on two legs, looking rather sad. 


Is it the wind?  Or was he super alert?  Was he trying to make a once-in-a-lifetime picture?

I don't seem to have another picture of him anywhere, with both ears up. 

Could this photo prove to be worth millions if Harley becomes famous?  

Wouldn't that be lovely!

It's Friday already, weekend before the 4th. A year ago, I spent this weekend traveling South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia and Ohio. I was new to living, traveling, working and adventuring in my mini motorhome. I was alone until  June 2010 when Harley dog hopped aboard with his sad tale of woe. We had some grand times getting lost together. 

I miss traveling. I can't wait to get this beast on the road again. If I had my wishes, I would move to a new campground every week. But I am workamping for the season, so that means I am parked awhile.  I must admit, when parked, this long, having a spare mode of transport would be so handy. I am saving up for a scooter, but that could take a good long time at the rate I am going. 

Maybe I will get to sneak away on some day trips in the wheel estate at some point. Thus far my day trips have involved urgent repairs or groceries. How exciting.  I spend days and weeks,  in the small park here, not going anywhere except on foot, to hike with the puppy dog. 

My lack of gasoline usage reflects my green lifestyle. Most people can't even go  12 full hours without driving their vehicle somewhere. When I do travel, I marvel at the sheer volume of vehicles on the road. Don't these people have homes?  Are they ever in them except to sleep?

Harley is lonesome for other dogs and people.  He enthusiastically greets anyone that dares to look at him more than 10 seconds. He has a rough time understanding why his pet parent is so busy working, right in front of him, instead of playing with him or taking him out and about walking. 

Puppy dog cherishes his walks. I keep him perpetually confused, because we usually take a different route for every stroll. Sometimes I need to patrol an area, other times I am studying the beauty around me, for a hopeful Kodak moment or a pastel inspiration. 

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  1. I was usually content for the first two months of a workamping assignment, but that 3rd and last month was much more difficult.


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