Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Dear Deer Baby Is Still Fending For Himself

Five teenagers on two jet skis, riding side by side when one cuts in front of the other causing a collision on Hartwell Lake. Two went to the hospital with serious injuries. All this the day after the public water safety campaign started.

But you can't replace brains.  Some have them, some don't. 

Mid week it's quiet on my part of Hartwell Lake, but tonight is the Wednesday night fishing tournament, so those guys will fill up the boat parking, launching all their fishing boats. The last two Wednesdays, we've had dreadful storms. 

The little fawn is still prancing around. But my dog Harley just won't let him get close. I did manage to snap this picture of him. That post he is next to, is barely 3 feet tall, so you can see how tiny he is. We were 100 plus yards away. Harley didn't see him that far away. So the picture is lousy. 

He seems to be thus far, fending on his own. The ranger claims Harley's markings will keep the coyote away, so I am taking Harley far and wide to mark the area, to try to make it safer for the little lonely fawn.

He tries to come within 20 feet of the motorhome, but if Harley sees him, he goes nuts, scaring him off. The fawn can snort really loudly when Harley does this. 

We ran into two, yes two more turtles laying eggs in the same field as the last one.  It was different turtles too. I guess they like that field for their nests.  

I also ran into a box turtle trying to close the road. So I picked him up, relocating him to the woods, across the road. I didn't want him to be a flat turtle. Of course I was walking without my camera at the time. Never good, all the great stuff happens then. 
I actually caught the lake in a blue mood.

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  1. Glad the little guy is still surviving...maybe he or she has a guardian angel. Sounds like you and Harley are doing your part :-)!


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