Friday, June 10, 2011

Doctors and Travelers

Lots of fulltime RV-ers read this post, as well as itinerant sailors and other travelers. If you travel a lot, then you generally try to stay very healthy.  It sure comes in handy, for the adventurous!

But what happens if you need a doctor while traveling but you don't need an ambulance or hospital? 

It used to be you could pull over to a payphone booth then peruse the yellow pages. But payphone booths are rapidly vanishing. Some towns just have none at all.  

Isn't it funny that finding internet access in a new town,  is easier than finding a phone booth with a phone book?  

Now there is a website where you can search for doctors by city, state or zip code. You can also browse doctors by name.   If someone has given you a name, you can check to see what their specialty is. 

Once you settle on somebody, there is detailed information including a map. Rather handy. 

But let's hope we all stay super healthy while traveling.  It's sure my goal!

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