Monday, June 27, 2011

Musing Mews

I wrote this note for a couple that had lost their aged cat, then later adopted a beautiful kitten from the Animal Shelter. 
Hi.    I'm new here. 

Happy tails to your mewist family member!

I was paw-rusing the forum when I read Cadie purr-suaded you to adopt her.  

Previously when I read about the passing of your 20 year old cat, I felt sympathy for your cat-astrophe.  

It made me paws,  cause your mewd was very sad.

Adopting Cadie from the humane shelter,  is a good paws for the cause. 

She is paws-itively cute!  (More pics, please!)

Just don't let anyone sneak off with her in their paw-ket.

Kittenhood is fun, but beware of claws-trophobia as they turn your RV into a toy.

With that beautiful long fur, she looks like part Purr-sian cat-pet, a very good choice for a traveling kitty.

If she gets too frisky, just put decaf in her Purr-colator. 

Nothing like a new kitty for inspiration and a great Mews. 

I'm glad you are feline happy with Camper Cat Cadie. 

I'm sure you'll take good care of her, (so she doesn't end up playing poker in the jungle with those cheetahs.)

Just remember during these hot summer days, kitties love a good mice cream cone. 

Oh the joys of kittenhood!  You lucky devil. 

PS: For the Halloween roundup in Georgia, she'd look good as a kitty cop in a Claw Enforcement uniform collaring purr-patrators.  

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