Monday, June 13, 2011

Except The Kitchen Sink

I was trying to explain to someone, who has never seen my motorhome,  about my little kitchen, which I often call a galley, because that is what you call it on boats.  I lived aboard boats far longer than I've lived in this RV. I still confuse boat terms and RV terms. 

I don't really like the term "RV" because it means Recreational Vehicle. I am living, working, recuperating, fulltime 24/7 in my motorhome.  I have no other home, so it's not my recreational vehicle. It's my main manse.  

For me it was an economical choice.  I sold all my belongings in the Caribbean (my home for 22+ years) in an attempt to make payments on my medical mess. 

I arrived in the USA with some clothes and a few little sentimental things.  

Starting over is very hard to do.  I don't recommend it for the faint of heart. For me, it was the start of a new adventure.  At least I  told myself that. What an adventure it's been too!  

I had no idea where to live, or where/when I would be working. So I bought a 1994 Class C Motorhome that is 28 feet long and seven-something feet wide. It has no slide outs that enlarge the width when parking like those newfangled ones have these days. 

A Class C motorhome is built on a van chassis. So the front end of my motorhome looks like a van with a larger camper built around it. 

I prefer WE for Wheel Estate.

If a picture is worth a 1,000 words, then here is my current  galley. I've made a few repairs, additions and upgrades to make it a bit more functional for my lifestyle. 

You might be astounded at the gourmet meals I often turn out of this tiny galley. I am on a "get well" diet, that consists of lots of fresh ingredients with an avoidance of chemically laden foods. Though eating out is fun and a welcomed break, it's incredibly hard to find good honest healthy food. 

I can count on one hand, the number of times I have dined in a restaurant this year.  

My galley is L-shaped.   Here is the same picture, but  with tons of details added.
You can click on the picture below, if you would like to see it enlarged. 
Some days I wish I could click on my motorhome and see it miraculously expand too. 

The stove, sink, microwave, and coffee maker are all circa 1994, still working just fine.  I have the original manuals to all of them.  For the life of me I do not understand why the factory installed a sky blue kitchen sink. There is absolutely nothing at all in the entire motorhome the color of sky blue.  

Except the kitchen  sink. 

My refrigerator is built into the cabinetry.It runs off propane or  electricity.  The freezer is on top, the fridge below. There is a cabinet above where I keep the wok, fry pan and some more food ingredients.  Due to the heat from the fridge, it's a great place to keep crackers, as they stay very crisp there. Beneath it, you can't really tell, is a big drawer.  I keep all my dishes in it, because it's so handy and close to the sink. 

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  1. You have a surprisingly spacious galley (they're called that in RVs (residential vehicles), too. After we got a load of the sleek and lithe vehicles some women drive we felt excessive and bourgeois.


  2. Sorry, it's just me again. I could use a program that does pointy arrows 'n' stuff on photos - what do you use?


  3. Your galley reminds me of my old boating days. Same layout.

  4. You really do a lot with a small space! My 5th wheel had more space, and I still could barely cook in it.

  5. Beautiful! I want to know more about the baskets on the wall.


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