Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Fire Extinguisher

It's been on my wish list for awhile. Get more fire extinguishers. I only have the one puny one, that is more than likely the original model, from circa 1994. 

Ever since I had my RV fire scare, in June 2010,  I realized that one is not nearly enough. I was thinking four would be ideal by each exit. I have a driver's door, passenger door, main entry door and emergency window exit in the bedroom.

I figure you are either running to the fire or running from the fire, so having one by all exits would be great. How has a whole year gone by and I still haven't found the money to buy more extinguishers?  Sheesh. I must seriously work on this. I could blame it on the fact, I lost my RV list.  Then when I started a new list, of things to get done for the RV, it didn't make it to the new list.  I must rectify this. This list just keeps getting longer. 

I read the saddest story today about a couple trying to save their 5th-wheel

I grabbed the fire extinguisher and nearly had the fire out when the extinguisher became expended. It was the only one we had.

By this time the fire was burning pretty good and a fire truck was arriving.

They worked to control the fire but ran out of water, carrying only 500 gallons. They had to call another truck as we sat watching our world go up in flames and smoke.

For you non-Rv-ers, a fifth wheel is a travel trailer with a coupling semilar to a a tractor trailer rig. You then hook it up in the bed of a pickup truck to the receiver. This redistribution of weight, makes it easier for towing than a regular travel trailer. The downside is you need a pickup truck with the specail reciver in the truck bed.  The upside is, you can park your rig for camping, unhook your pickup truck to go tootling around minus the home. 

RV-ers have had a rough time lately with fires. From Kendall County, Texas:

The fire, which started (Sunday) in the median on I-10 between Boerne and Comfort, burned down six RVs and the clubhouse at the Top of the Hill RV Resort.

 The couple above, have insurance according to their blog. The six in Texas, I have no idea. I feel so sorry for their loss. I honestly can say I know how they feel.

On February 29, 1976, I came home to see smoke pouring out of my home. I watched helplessly as my home was completely destroyed by fire while spectators arrived for a good show including the volunteer fire department who declined to help but came to watch.  Apparently we were supposed to pay $100 advance dues to the fire department. We had lived in our home one week, in this new town.  We were unaware of this requirement. Watching it burn, literally burned an image in my brain, like an endless video that will never go away. Tragically 3 pets were lost in the fire.  Nothing was saved or salvaged. The insurance company fought us long and hard. About a year later, we ended up with $666.  That's another story for another day

It's a very strange feeling when you walk away with just the clothes you are wearing, and start a new life. How was I to know, this would become a recurring theme in my life. Not the fire, thank goodness, but starting over. 

I used to think it was only humans that were attached to "things".  But I see my puppy is an avid consumer too.  He is very attached to his toys, bedding, blankie and so on. He will hunt all over the yard or RV looking for a specific toy.  One was stuck in such a way he couldn't retrieve it until he set up a pitiful cry for me to come help him. 

We went for a walk today. Often we find an errant toy at the bottom of the hill. Sure enough, today, we found an escaped tennis ball. He triumphantly picked it up out of the ditch, carrying it in his mouth, all the way back home. 

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