Thursday, June 23, 2011

Friday June 24, Is Take Your Dog To Work Day

You can outfit your pooch in a canine suit for 
Take Your Dog To Work Day.
(No, this isn't Harley, it's his cousin)

Friday June 24, is take your dog to work day.  I love it!  What a concept. Every company should allow pets in the work place.  Of course this is impossible for food establishments, due to health laws. But what's the excuse for the rest of the companies?

Does your company need exposure?  Alert the media that your company is pet friendly. 

Before taking your dog to work, consider whether he is social and presentable. You can rush him off to the groomer for a makeover, or you can simply bathe him.  There is also  Pawfume or doggy cologne. 

Lucky for me, my pooch goes to work with me everyday!  

You can read about Harley Dog and his duties at Woofcamping As A Bark Ranger.
Harley takes a break from his Woofcamping Duties

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  1. Happy Friday! I saw this in the paper and thought you might like to know about it. The first annual mermaid awards in Las Vegas. The link is


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