Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Oh Dear Deer Doe

Oh dear. A lost deer.

A small speckled fawn has lost his mommy. He is hanging around here for some strange reason.

I don't know why the wildlife is so attracted to me. A few weeks ago, it was the bear. He came and worked diligently at removing the tight metal lid to the garbage can. The dog woke up, barking hysterically while the bear seemed thoroughly disgusted that the only food in the garbage was onion peels. 

He hasn't been back shopping here since. Two evenings ago, the dog went nuts, just in time for me to see a red fox scamper back into the woods. 

Now this fawn has been prancing around,wiggling his white tail, seeming very confused about where to go, what to do, so  very lost and lonesome. I keep trying to snap pics, but I have to retrain and restrain my hysterical puppy. I want him to go quiet when I say  "It's OK."  

Well, dang the camera battery went dead, I was going to download and see if I got any brown blurs of the fawn. 

I hope it wasn't the coyote or cougar or bobcat that got the doe mommy. I just don't know.  Poor doe.  Poor fawn.  It's sad. 

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  1. I am really enjoying watching the wildlife here in NY, although there aren't any bears nearby.

  2. Are there any wildlife rescues in your area?

  3. The little fawn who was prancing around here for a few days, seemed to vanish a day after I posted this. I am hoping that means he found his mommy doe and maybe he was just lost.

    I am not sure a rescue organization would come for him, since he is not injured.

    Deers tend to follow the same trails each day. He was living in the woods next to me, even though he blends right in, I could see his white tail flickering often.


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