Friday, October 18, 2013

Hop Along

Every day I try to find a thing of beauty and snap a photo to remind myself that no matter what pain or illness is torturing me, every day is a great day to be alive.

I read other blogs of other travelers and all the wonderful touristy places they get to visit, places that cost entrance fees. My efficient budget has no wiggle room for such grand frivolity. But I don't mind a bit. Nature is free.

Some travelers arrive at the campground, set up, then hop in their car to go sightseeing all day, returning only at night to sleep. I do my sightseeing en-route.  When I arrive at the campground, I am there to continue sightseeing on foot and bicycle.  Many times I am the only one in a campground by day. This makes for a quiet life.

You can travel in an RV on a grand budget or you can tour on a minuscule one. It's all about attitude and trade-offs. I don't believe that money equates success in life but just the same, if you grew up in America, you might scream and shout at me how dead wrong I am. (Someone recently freaked out at me over this issue...)

But it's just my belief that personal success is not measured in money, it's measured in life, liberty and happiness. Can instant success be bought?  I have no idea, but I am pretty darn happy and I live with less and do more. Angels keep sparing my life day after day. I am eternally grateful for this incredible miracle.

There is just oh so much beauty in this wide wonderful world. It's great to be alive. I feel oh so lucky. Life is good.

All of these pictures below will click to enlarge.

A whimsical boardwalk to the beach cuts through the maritime forest at Huntington Beach State Park in South Carolina. 

Harley dog was quite chilly so he donned his blue sweater while hanging out the window to pick out a campsite in the park. He looks for places that have fabulous puppy play room on the lot. 

If this tree could only talk and tell us about his varied life over the past century. It looks like 3 different trees. Amazing what can be found in nature.

Purple is my favorite color, well next to red. Hard to say which I like more. My good camera died, I am using a super cheap one that just doesn't quite capture the exquisite beauty I see. 

This little froggy was sitting on my laptop computer outside when I came back with a fresh cup of coffee. I snapped his picture.  Notice I said he was outside. Well, somehow, he decided to move indoors. My traveling friend chased him around the motorhome but couldn't catch him before he vanished. A few days later, I was washing windows. Oh what fun. In the kitchen I had to remove the spices from the rack my friend built in front of the kitchen window on the back of the counter top. Guess who I found! This time we were faster than he was. We finally captured our little green hitchhiker, relocating him back outdoors. 

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  1. I never did worry about money or try to keep a lot of it, although I sometimes wish I'd saved a little. You write a great post today and I agree 100%.


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