Tuesday, October 08, 2013

924 Miles of Beauty

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It's been a fun exhausting trip. I would have never made it this far in my condition had it not been for my friend hopping aboard for part of the trip. We are in a holding pattern until I get better but someone has rented our spot tomorrow, so we have to shuffle onwards.

Even though we ended up at the beach, it's been cold and pouring down rain. However, the first afternoon we arrived, we were able to get out on the beach and let Harley dog play chase and fetch with his rubber ball. Several times the surf tried to swallow it whole, but he waited for the waters to recede then snatched it back again. 

Many large pink jellyfish were beached as the tide ran out. Harley was so filthy when we got back to camp, we bathed him outdoors. Our Canadian neighbors found this rather entertaining as our fluffy puppy turned into a skinny squirrel sized dog. Amazingly, the bath water was super dirty when we were done as if he hadn't bathed all year. 

Our route was planned around all the parks where one or both of us get a disabled or senior discount plus my friend wanted to see the Outer Banks of North Carolina. This explains our odd route. We've only stayed in two privately owned campgrounds. We had planned to stay in Federal campgrounds on the Outer Banks but those fools in Washington shut down the campgrounds so we had to choose much higher priced private RV parks. Both were lovely, so no regrets.

Ironically, both of us have sailed the intracoastal waterway past the Outer Banks, but neither of us had traveled on land in that area until now. It is awesomely beautiful and well worth the trip.

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