Wednesday, October 23, 2013

24 Hours of Heaven

It started with fresh shrimp off the boat.
An hour later, the wheel estate was parked at the beach, the shrimp was steamed and I was staring at the beauty of the Atlantic Ocean in sheer awe while munching on the bounty from the sea.
For 24 hours, this was the view from our picnic table behind the RV. The little dune protection fence is about a foot from high tide. At low tide there is this great expanse of tawny colored sand that Harley Dog just loves to run and play on.
This picture was taken midway between high and low tide. I would stay here forever if I could. 

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  1. Ya got me with your first line: "It started with fresh shrimp off the boat". I've been so hungry for shrimp lately and now it's even worse! The only thing is that I don't line to devein them.


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