Monday, October 28, 2013

Critters and Hitchhikers

Critters and Hitchhikers

I've been wandering around parts of North and South Carolina the past month or so. Here are pics of some of the critters I encountered. A few even caught a ride along the way. My camera is acting erratically so the quality varies widely but I thought I would share them anyhow. Some were taken at a distance and cropped, so they are grainy.

You can click to enlarge the photos.

If you receive this by subscription, you can go to this link to see the larger ones.

Bobcat relaxing.

No idea but answers to Harley or Monkey.
He's been catching rides with me for over 3 years. 

Some kind of needle nose fish me thinks. 

A little fox studies his manicure.

The dragonfly on my windshield wiper.
I was driving when I took this.
He hung on catching a ride all the way to the next campground.

This little adult hitchhiker and his tiny (teacup?) dog.
They rode with us awhile.
Didn't take up much room.

We didn't give this fellow a ride, but I snapped his pic cause he was cute.

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