Saturday, October 19, 2013

Keep On Laughing

Things keep going wrong on this trip, but it sure adds to the adventure. No telling what will happen next!  The anticipation keeps me excited.

We just had to move again to a new camping spot in the same campground. The one we were in had really bad power. It's 9pm at night, but the ranger and the workamper had already worked on the electric box earlier in the day, but something else went wrong.  We've now stayed in 3 different spots in this campground.

Today I was just plum wore out. I ended up taking about 5 naps. I couldn't seem to garner enough energy to stay awake after all the running around and repairing and driving and so on.

We've careened around with no reservations yet we keep landing in wonderful spots to camp, meeting nice people, fun doggies and communing with nature.

Two trips for repairs to the RV so far. We detoured to be near one of my favorite repair people. Now the residential vehicle is happy again but still no tires. This old motorhome reminds me of my old sailboat. I would come home to my sailboat at anchor from working weeks or months at sea on large charter yachts. I was seriously ready for some relaxation after working 7 days a week, end to end, 16 hours a day with a smile plastered on my face. When working term charter yachts, you always act happy, smile continuously and never ever show them you're tired. However upon finally coming home, my lovely little sailboat would see my newly fattened wallet, then proceed to empty it out.

Those were some wonderful days for sure. But running amok in this wheel estate is great fun too. I hope I don't stop until they throw dirt on my face.

So caution to the wind plus all of my credit card, the tire stash, and a loan and we're almost good as new again.

They wouldn't take the dog as a down payment, but I tried.

My rig is celebrating her 20th birthday. Does that make her nearly vintage?

I've been trying to buy tires for ages it seems. Every time I get my tire money organized  *POOF* the RV demands other repairs. I guess she wants other things besides tires. So on a wing and a prayer, I shall plow forward on the current tires but everything else is working fine again.  Once I get to Florida, I will be parked for a few months of cold winter, then hopefully on the road again. But the best of plans can go awry as this trip has proved time and time again as we take a new tack.

I have a new heat pump now, so I can cool or heat the motorhome on electric.  My old roof type air conditioner finally went through her final death throws. I was going to get an AC unit with an electric heat strip but the repairman thought since I live in mine fulltime, I would be better off with a heat pump that heats and cools. I read up on all the pros and cons and decided to go with his recommendation since I like this guy, he has done work for me before.

He is a mobile mechanic, but I travel out to his house in the countryside where he also has a shop. This at least saves me the extra mobile fees.

Both my batteries died. One is a heavy duty the starter, the other is the house battery that runs the water pump, lights, fans and stuff like that. I had noticed they were both giving me fits. Adding distilled water to them as needed kept them happy more or less, but they were getting old and just decided to both die at once. Actually one killed the other one through a bad wire. I guess you could say it was a suicide-homicide.

I also did the usual maintenance on changing oil in the generator and the engine. On top of that were a bunch of minor repairs that my friend and I did without professional help. Nothing earth shattering, but when you take your home rattling down the highways and byways, things fall apart, much like a sailboat pounding in heavy seas.

Last night though, the hook that holds the bunk ladder to the guest loft decided to break off. *SIGH*. My friend and I being two sailors from far flung ports cobbled together an S hook and 6 plastic wire ties to form a temporary but sturdy repair. It looked awful, but was quite functional. Today I showed it to the repairman, to ask him if there was a way he could improve upon our temporary repair. He was amused at our antics. But hey, it sure beats breaking a leg or hip from a faulty ladder.

For you non-Rv-ers, the ladder to the guest loft is kept stowed away in a special spot on top of the overhead cabinets near the bunk.  When it's time to climb into the bed, the ladder is removed from storage. It has two hooks at the top of the ladder that attach to two sockets on the frame of the bed which is located over the cab area. Then one can climb up and down the firmly attached ladder to get in or out of the bed. Without the ladder, it's a five foot drop, so the ladder is necessary unless your legs are ten feet long.

Much that has gone wrong has been really comical at times. I had a minor seizure, no big deal, but my friend didn't realize what had happened, so he was laughing and asking "How did you DO that?"

I had set our lunch out on the table. He sat down. I sat down and suddenly, in the blink of an eye while he was looking the other way, my food was on the seat cushion beside me, my Corelle plate clanged loudly on the floor and my fork had sailed over behind me, landing in the hallway. I was sitting at the table, pretty as you please when my lunch seemingly vanished while he was looking the other way.

He bent down to pick up plate, but it was empty! He set it on the table in front of me and asked "What happened to your food? It's not on the floor." I told him I Hoover-hounded my food down, which caused us both to get the contagious giggles.

Eventually between snickers and laughter I located my lunch sitting on the dinette booth's cushion next to me. It was a Houdini trick that I hope not to repeat, but it was hilarious at the time.

Well, time to go, I am doing midnight laundry and it needs hanging up to dry.


  1. I remember constantly needing repairs to my 5th wheel, but now I constantly need repairs to my mobile home. Sometimes you just can't win.

  2. Without a sense of humor most of the time I would be lost if you can't laugh at yourself who will? How is Harley? Where in Fl are you going to be staying? I am glad you have someone with you and be careful with your health.


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