Sunday, October 06, 2013

Setting Sail in the Motorhome

This light for Ocracoke Inlet (North Carolina) was built in 1823. It is the second oldest in the nation still in use. The lighthouse stands 75 feet tall. The non-rotating light can be seen for 14 miles, 360 degrees. The walls at the base of the structure are 5 feet thick. First the light was lit by whale oil, then porpoise oil, and next came kerosene. Today it is lit by electricity with a backup generator. The US Coast Guard owns and maintains the light which is closed to the public but it can be viewed from the lawn.

One of the fun highlights of this trip has been putting my little old motorhome on a ferry to sail the high seas of Pamlico Sound from Cedar Island, North Carolina to Ocracoke Island.


It took nearly 3 hours to cross.  We made lunch along the way then walked the dog around the ferry enjoying the sea scenery.


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