Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Village Wide

Hostile Fire

Harley barked at the squirrels on our camping spot. They retaliated by climbing the trees then pelting our motorhome roof with nuts.


Rear Ended

On Ocracoke Island in North Carolina, we rented a golf cart for a day to explore the island because the Federal government had blocked access to the seashore. My friend was riding, I was driving, Harley dog was sitting on the seat between us. The governor on the golf cart wouldn't let us exceed the town limit of 20 miles per hour.

The nice young lady with the great big dog that rented the cart to us, said the golf carts were street legal, the car owners knew about the posted speed limits and that we should not be intimidated by them into breaking the speed limit laws.

A mega SUV on steroids came up behind me quite impatient at our insistence of keeping the village's posted speed limit, so he drove with his bumper just inches from our necks.  I could feel the heat from his radiator. There was no where to pull over as we happened to be on a narrow street that was lined with trees and underbrush. Harley became a tad scared, so he climbed into my friend's lap. My friend propped his leg up on the very low dash of the golf cart, so Harley could flop out in his lap, the way he likes to.

What neither of us realized was that my friend accidentally nudged the key which was located on the low dash.  The silent battery powered golf cart simply stopped moving, coming to a complete halt in the road. I thought for sure I was going to have tire tread marks up my back and down my front again, but the SUV screeched to a stop behind us while blaring his horn which covered up his obscenities directed at me.

I threw my hands up, because I had no idea why the golf cart had stopped. The rental lady said we wouldn't need to recharge it and did not outfit us with a battery charger.

While the SUV was backing up with screeching tires, to go around us, I noticed the key in the off position.


While he drove away shaking his finger at us, we roared with laughter at our new found goof.

I was just glad to get the heat off my neck.

Keep Moving Along

At Little Pee Dee State Park in South Carolina we carefully read the instructions posted at the closed ranger's office. I made notes of the available camp sites. Back inside the RV, my friend read off the numbers while we drove around to hem and haw at each available site, debating which was better or worse than the last one.

Finally we settled on a site. While we were setting up camp, the volunteer host came along, telling us that site was rented, then pointed out a site nearby as being just as nice.

We packed up camp, relocated, then began setting up again. It was a beautiful day, we wanted to set up outside for a late lunch al fresco.

The ranger drove by, stopping long enough to tell us that site was rented and pointing to another site in the woods.  We broke camp, relocated for the third time, then set up camp again.

We're getting good at this!

When the ranger drove by later, we flagged him down to take more money for more nights. We needed extra rest from all that shuffling around.

Our final resting spot at Little Pee Dee State Park.

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  1. Where is a cop when you need one. I'm glad you weren't rear-ended by the impatient driver. And what is with park personnel directing you to a spot that is already rented - twice! You ended up with a very nice site though, so you are probably glad to be staying a bit longer.


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