Monday, March 24, 2014

Rolling Along

On the road again today praying the wheels don't fall off the wagon next. This old motorhome is always popping off parts, just to toy with me. I have the GPS working again. It tells me where I am but not where I want to go. Will keep poking and prodding it in hopes it will straighten up and fly right.

I will scribble down directions for the pooch to read off to me as we roll down the highways and byways.

Oh wait. He can't read.

Trying to teach Harley map reading. 

Woke up alive to 50F degrees. The world is beautiful though suddenly very c-c-cold for this Caribbean blood. Brrr. It should warm up later today, but for now, one little doggy is refusing to go outside until it does.

Well, getting lost is nothing new to us, just another adventure. I wonder where we will turn up next.


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