Sunday, March 16, 2014

Neuseway Nature Park, North Carolina

Neuseway Nature Park, Campground & Meeting Facility

Last fall I found this gem of a county park tucked away in eastern North Carolina. They don't accept reservations. We arrived to find the campground had no room left. They offered us overflow camping at the same price. Usually overflow camping has no electric or water, but they told us there was an electric post we could use if we parked near it. 

To our surprise it came with two dozen 30 amp outlets. The circus could come to town and plug in!

One other RV was in the overflow lot, he had the only water hooked up to his rig. We asked him if we could fit our Y-valve on the spigot and share his water. He was quite friendly and readily agreed. 

The electric pole was so high up, we could only reach the first row without a ladder. We only needed one plug, but our neighbor had a gadget so he could use two 30 amp plugs for his big rig.

 A whimsical totem pole hides in the campground.
 Fall colors were mirrored in the Neuse River.
 Fat goldfish and lilies shared this pond.
 Bears held up a hand carved bench at the entrance to their nature center. A bucket for tips?
 The bench was heavy enough to survive a hurricane.
 Another view of the pond.
 Here I am backed up to the electric post.
The campground proper is shown in the rear. I loved this little park and would gladly visit there again. Maybe next time I can snag a place inside the campground.

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