Sunday, March 23, 2014

Golden Isles

 Spring has sprung.
This hibiscus is near perfect.
Nature is awesome.

 While stuck in traffic, I noticed this unique window sticker about gun control.
It's a crazy world.

Bye bye crime scene where 3 people were murdered less than 100 yards from where I was visiting friends. 4 days after the murders, yellow tape and investigators are still working the scene. While my friends were nonchalant claiming the neighborhood is safe, I was afraid. What kind of monster kills 3 people? I hated to shorten our visit, but I left after 3 sleepless nights. The killer has not been identified nor arrested.

Bridges fascinate me for some strange reason.
One day I will post all my bridge pictures together. 

I got lost, the GPS died, and Harley dog is terrible at reading maps.
We ended up in Jacksonville, Florida traffic on a detour during rush hour.
We should have been on the bypass around the city but Harley was still lost in the atlas when we missed the turn.
I have no idea why they call it rush hour when traffic just creeps along at a snail's pace.

Harley's playmate looked so sad when we left.

This chapel is parked in Kingsland, Georgia at a truck stop.
The founder used to drive trucks but very often couldn't find a church with parking for his big rig on Sundays, so he started parking Chapels at truck stops.
A creative mind at work with unique solutions always appeals to me.

Right after I started living in my wheel estate, I read a blog where the RV owners took a picture of every place they camped overnight. I pirated their idea. It's a great one too.

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