Monday, March 31, 2014


It's late at night, I am trying to write but Harley Dog is begging me to close up the computer and come play with him. He has dragged his toys all over the motorhome aisle, so his pet parent has lots to trip over.

Nice doggy.

He is often on a long tether that is tied outside and only when I am outside with him. But often I am back and forth between outside and inside, I leave my door wide open so he can drag his tether and follow me around. For instance earlier today I was trying to fix my bicycle outside. Harley was outside with me, playing with his squeaky pig making a ruckus. Squeak squeak squeak.

I just realized I need an allen wrench, so I go back inside to get the tool bag.

That is an old canvas purse I recycled to a tool bag for my favorite hand tools while the rest are stored in a big tool box an angel bestowed upon me.

Anyhow, Harley follows me inside while I search for the tool bag. I find it, go back outside to commence cursing *ahem* I meant fixing the bicycle. Harley follows me back out, dragging his tether with him. The phone rings, I go inside to find the phone and guess who is dragging his tether and a few pine needles back inside with me.

I go back out to plop down in a chair to chat on the phone for minute. Here comes Harley dragging his tether back outside.

Campgrounds require dogs to be on a 6 foot leash but no one has ever complained about him being on a tether at my site with me outside with him. I make sure he can't reach the road or the neighbors with his tether, though some neighbors enjoy his visits and have told me it's OK to let him have a longer tether to their site too (super nice folks I sometimes meet, um well, Harley meets!)

I never leave him alone outside, he is so tiny, a hawk or eagle could fly away with my baby. I feel sorry for the folks that take a six foot leash and tie their dog to the picnic table or tree leaving the poor doggy about 9 inches of leash to move with. I've seen this often and the poor dog looks miserable. But my mutt is a tad spoiled and I do feel sorry for him that his life is one of strings, leashes and tethers. But now and then we do get to off leash dog parks or friends with fenced yards. In that case, the little ragga-muffin gets to run wild.

I owe so many wonderful angels so much thanks for keeping us rolling along. When my camera suddenly died, an angel sent me theirs to keep the pictures coming along.

Harley's quote of the day:
Home is where we bark it. 

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