Sunday, October 12, 2014

Claiming ACCD

Many well wishers keep inquiring about my health and medical mess. I keep dodging those bullets, pretending I'm fine and dandy, figuring my body will get used to the idea and I can come out in the open when it's safe about the truth behind ACCD.


I am not a A Closet Cross-Dresser, no that's not the ACCD I am referring to. (Though it sounds delightfully fun!)

Discussing my medical mess is negative, and I am sticking to positives. Smile, laugh, live! Ask me something else (though I know some crave the juicy gory details of medical nightmares) perhaps I will put all that in a future book and maybe not. I'm busy with sea stories at the moment. Whee!

I just figure if the spin doctors can come up with linguistic deodorizers such as wardrobe malfunction, comfort stations, horizontal jogging, negative patient care outcome, I can put a twirl on my own situation and be ACCD.

I don't think anyone is using the ACCD acronym since the American Coalition of Citizens with Disabilities closed their doors in 1983, so I am claiming ACCD now.

Maybe I will start an ACCD support group... but admission will be tough!

First you have to be able to SMILE nonstop for 20 minutes with twinkly eyes (no fake smiles allowed!)

Meetings will be held outside in natural settings, serving up fresh air, beautiful nature and include thinking up hilarious reasons to laugh loud, long and often. (Goofy props like a silly dog doing ridiculous antics are allowed.) Matter of fact beloved pets are allowed to attend meetings with you.

Well, that about wraps it up. I've already told you more than I know!

Oh and (drum roll!) the ACCD is for Alternative Care Coffin Dodgers. 

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