Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Sour Lemons

A recent bizarre incident inspired me to write this whimsical apologue.  

They came to me thirsty and miserable complaining all they had were these horrible sour lemons and nothing to drink. They saw my happiness, enthusiasm and positive attitude. They said I was oh so lucky to not be thirsty and miserable like them.

So I took their sour lemons and showed them that with a little bit of effort and enthusiasm they could be transformed into a pitcher of sweet tasty lemonade. I handed the pitcher of precious lemonade to them.

There you go! Now you can be happy, you have something lovely to drink. Enjoy!

Much to my horror they threw the precious sweet lemonade all over me making a huge mess and wasting every last drop of it.

I'm almost covered head to toe in sticky lemonade. It's all over my hair, it's in my eyes, it's splattered on my clothes, flies are starting to buzz around me and the person yelled at me that it was all my fault!

Now they had no sour lemons and they had nothing to drink and it was all my fault and they weren't about to let me forget it either.

They wanted to keep those sour lemons and they wanted to complain about being thirsty.

Being miserable was what they craved.

I had totally misunderstood the situation. Shame, shame, shame on me.

I had taken their sour lemons away, I had taken their reason to complain about being thirsty away.

I had removed their misery when all they really and truly wanted was to have sour lemons and be miserable.

I guess some people aren't happy. They resent you being happy. They aren't happy until you're not happy. Then they are happy because you're not happy.

They were miserable and they had doused me in lemonade in an attempt to make me miserable. Now they had company. Misery loves company. It's true!

I felt awful!

But wait...

I want to be happy. I don't want to be miserable. So I left them all alone. I felt bad they had no lemons. I felt bad they had no company.

I went to wash off and change my clothes. But the lemonade had sat on my hair and clothes too long.

Ut oh. What a mess. Oh dear me. But, I woke up alive and that makes me happy, optimistic and positive that life is goof. I mean good!

Eventually my hair dried, the clothes dried. That's when I noticed my GOOD FORTUNE.


The lemonade had lightened parts of my long dark hair leaving behind beautiful golden streaks and the lemonade stains had left a gorgeous sunburst design making my old faded clothes look fabulously new and trendy.


It's like having new clothes and a trip to the beauty parlor.

Yippee doodle doo!

What luck! What good fortune! I must thank them!

So I took a big sack of sour lemons and found that miserable person and I was happy and smiling, telling them that besides making lemonade those sour lemons were great for streaking hair and making sunburst designs on old faded clothes and here's a big sack of lemons and...

But before I could finish with my enthusiastic happy thank you speech, I had to run like a bullet, dodging those thrown lemons along the way.

Misery may love company but perhaps I should just leave them alone.

Earth's Biggest Selection
(I was astonished to discover that 
they even sell real lemons delivered to your door, organic ones too!)


  1. don't worry be happy. grunpy old people or gop , goppers. i avoid them like the plague. which they are.

    ice cream raz

  2. grumpy not grunpy.

    ice cream raz

  3. Sadly there are a lot of grumpy people all ages except little kids, they are usually optimistic and hopeful, I think grumpiness is a learned trait, not an instinct.


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