Monday, April 04, 2016

Game Show Banking

Blast From The Past...

A whimsical reprint rambling from 2008 when I lived and worked in the Caribbean. 

 Just as I got ready to email this 2 hours ago, POOF the Internet mash up again. *sigh*
    I am going to try again soon.
    Speaking of banking...
    Well, we weren't really speaking of banking, BUT...I read that the BVI has world class banking. That article is the laughing stock  around the locals.
    Our banking is dismal. If more than 5 people are in line, ALL the tellers go on break. If more than 10 people are in line, they ALL but one,  go to lunch. If more than 50 people are in line, then it's a SLOW day at the bank as on a busy day, hundreds are in line.  The longer the line gets, the faster the tellers vanish. No one comes from upstairs to help out on busy days. No sirree. We want everyone to wait for ages to do their banking.
    Of course you get to hang out and chat up your friends. One lady suggested the banks relocate to restaurants and bars, so we could take a number, then eat and drink while we wait our turn.
    That's an idea I like.
    Banking in the BVI is  maddening. I chose my bank only because they accept deposits at their machine.  They are the only bank that does. I can't stand to wait in line for two hours just to make a lousy bank deposit.
    However, I needed to buy a check that would be good in the US, otherwise known as an international money order.  Oh brother. That meant a lengthy wait in a non-moving line. I learned how to nap upright and every half hour or so, the people behind me would shove me forward. I would wake momentarily, then go back to my standing nap.  Moments before the bank was to close, they sold me a check. It took over 20 minutes to buy ONE check.  I was impressed with the speed.
    To the side of me was a lady who had been pulling out endless little brown bags. She would consult with the teller and they would make a deposit, then the next little brown bag would come out of her seemingly bottomless purse.
    She had been at this for over an hour. The folks behind her were sweating and groaning, sorry they were in her line. Finally, she actually finished and left BEFORE me.
    The teller sternly announced in an impatient voice "NEXT!"
    The lady who was now next to get the teller acted like she was on a game show.  IT was hilarious. She jumped up and down, threw her arms high in the air. "Yes!"  she screamed.  "It's my turn!"  and she jumped up and down some more, clapping her hands excitedly  with a million dollar grin as she rushed to the teller.
    There she gushed and blushed and spun around and announced "I can't believe they chose ME to be NEXT!" as she jumped up and down some more.
    I am not sure the bank employees and startled security guard (her antics ruined his nap too) appreciated her humor, but the rest of us sure did and we giggled and clapped excitedly for her.
    By the way I KNOW you heard I made another colossal booboo yesterday.  Cattle are herded, not hearded, but none the less, I somehow let my spell heckler make a fool of me again in yesterday's posting about being late for an appointment because I had to herd (not heard) cattle...

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