Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Crazy Interstate

There I was poking down the 3 lane interstate in the far right lane at 64 miles per hour in my ancient Class C with the old fashioned (but functional) manual steps tucked away when a mega Class A came up on my bumper at such a rapid rate, I could count the bugs on his windshield just before he suddenly swerved then floored it to pass me. *Cough cough cough*

I thought maybe his accelerator was stuck cause he flew past me with such force followed by another Class A hot on his tail that the windage they produced nearly sent me off into the wild blue yonder of never never land.

I managed to snap this picture cause both were zipping down the interstate with their boarding steps fully stuck out while they weaved in and out and around other vehicles. The picture captures them coming from the left lane back to the middle lane again.

I guess they were in such a big bodacious hurry, there just wasn't time to push that little button to retract those steps.

Here is a picture I managed to snap after thanking the powers to be for sparing my life. The quality isn't that great because they were so far ahead of me when I took this and cropped it down to show the steps out. They continued to whip around traffic faster than a fire truck late to a fire.

I wasn't sure whether to be impressed, relieved or awed. I was just glad they were rapidly getting far away from me cause I don't fancy a wreck over such craziness.

For you non-RVers, look near the front tire of each rig and you can see the 2 steps on each RV stuck out. Most fancy diesel rigs of this type definitely have electric steps that require the enormous hard work of pushing a little button to retract them. 

Life is goof. But I arrived alive!

I had to pull over at the next exit anyhow. Their crazy antics scared the pee out of the dog...


  1. i love it. we live in indiana and they drive like that here. just a dual lane. i mess with them. imagine that. when i spot them i put on my left turn signal and lurch left. i don't change lanes, just lurch. they go nuts. i of course about die laughing. i'm laughing at the moment. i look at people. to bad if they don't like it. they on the other hand are afraid to look at anyone. they look straight ahead like they are mannequins. hell maybe they are. sometimes i honk and wave. 5 finger. having to much fun.

    ice cream. raz

  2. When we bought our rig, our steps were stuck out. I didn't think it was a big deal until my trailing wife mentioned I'd dragged them on some cement barricades in a work zone.

    She said the resulting sparks were spectacular!

  3. And they are towing also some people don't use the brains God gave them.

  4. My steps are wired to retract when I turn the key on. You would think that big fancy motorhomes would have that feature.


Life is goof!