Monday, April 25, 2016

Smooth Ride

On the road again.

T'is the season to move from here to there, hither and yonder. I keep telling myself  "you can do this!" but some days I am just pooped out early.

At Christmas, Angels and Santa Claus completed new tires on my baby. She requires 6 truck tires plus spare. Fortunately my Class C rig only requires 16 inch tires and not the much pricier 20 inch tires used on bigger rigs like Class A's. I've been buying a decent brand because I've heard horror tales from other RV owners who had cheap weird brands that did awful things to them.

I had been buying them on the installment plan... 2 here, 1 there, 3 to go plus a used spare. So it wasn't an installment plan of financing, it was buy them as I could squeeze out the money or in the case of the lone one I bought, it was a semi-emergency when one died on short notice. Simply blew out while camping, not driving. It was too old and too far gone to repair. Then one blew while driving last December. It was discovered the spare was 20 something years old.

Anyhow, after the final new tires went on at Christmas (plus a used spare that is only 2 years old) I scarcely drove anywhere. Just recently when I began wandering my way around down interstates, highways and byways, I noticed WOW this rig drives GREAT.

Amazing what new tires can do for the baby. I owe many many thanks.

Life is goof, but oh so much smoother now.

Many Many Thanks
For A Beautiful Day
I woke up alive and all is well!

Thank You!

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