Wednesday, April 27, 2016

A Screw Loose

How does that happen?

I leave one campsite to show up at another and POOF.

A part fell off along the way.

Many have often said I have a screw loose.

And they're right!

Life is goof.

Fort Gates Ferry
The Fort Gates Ferry that crosses the St Johns River in Florida

The ferry is reachable off the Florida Black Bear Scenic Highway.

Since 1853, the Fort Gates Ferry has transported farmers, soldiers, livestock, wagons, motor vehicles, and motorcycles from the Salt Springs area of the Ocala National Forest to the little community of Fruitland to the east. It saves about 50 miles of driving to reach the nearest bridge. 1853 is not a misprint, it's been in business that long every day except Tuesdays.

In stick we trust.
I love that optimism!
A stick is good enough security on a padlock hasp.


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  1. Sorry about losing the part.

    Many of my relatives are from Florida. My mother and father married there in 1943. I had an aunt that lived on a houseboat on the St. John's River back in the early 1960's. I never saw the houseboat, but it sounded like a special way to live. So much has changed over the years.


Life is goof!