Friday, April 22, 2016

The Little Finch That Could

My bicycle was uncovered one day because I had already taken it for a ride. Since I planned to ride it again before sunset, I left it uncovered. I noticed a small finch taking a supreme interest in my bicycle but didn't give that much thought.

Later when I went to ride the bicycle, apparently the little finch had started a nest inside my front basket. Harley dog loves to ride up front in that basket. I cleaned out the nest while apologizing to the little finch who fluttered around.

She landed forlornly on my bicycle seat, holding a small twig in her beak seemingly bewildered that her nesting efforts had vanished from the basket. I was studying her wishing my camera was at hand to snap her photo. She perched there for a few minutes then finally dropped her twig as if admitting defeat. It brought a tear to my eye. Poor little finch. In another moment, she fluttered away.

I loaded up the dog. We pedaled around the Salt Springs Recreation Area in Florida. Afterwards I locked and covered the bicycle.

The next morning I decided to go for a ride. Bicycling is my form of exercise. It's a love and hate issue with me. I need more exercise (don't we all?)  but "exercising" is monotonous hard work (for me!) However, bicycle riding is a happy compromise. It's green too. No pollution involved. No gym fees. No special clothing. I don't even own a car. In some places where I camp I can actually ride my bicycle to run errands or shop for provisions.

I uncovered the bicycle.

Much to my astonishment the little finch had worked all night long flying up under the bicycle cover, then rebuilding her nest in Harley's front basket. I guess to her it seemed ideal. The basket provided air flowing walls. The bike cover provided rain protection. The basket has a tiny bit of folded carpet in it for Harley's comfort.  I found the carpet remnant for $1 already stitched and bound around the edges at Dollar Tree. It's synthetic, so even if it gets wet, it dries quickly, doesn't rot.

I snapped a few pictures of the nest she had started. I was completely blown away at the enormous number of twigs and strands of Spannish moss she has amassed in the basket overnight. The nest was even starting to take on a circular shape.

Nature is simply amazing.

We could all learn a lot from a little finch about the power of hard work and perseverance.


  1. I feel so sorry for her. Wish you had another basket for her to put her nest in.

  2. So now what will you and Harley do for transportation for the next 2+ weeks, while waiting for her to lay and them to hatch? Also, be aware that finches have mites. Might be time to move the whole thing to a tree and get a new basket and rug for Harley?

  3. Sweet bird... check my Facebook page and you'll see a Mockingbird that I am following I got pictures of the nest when it first started her flying and sitting in the palm tree and also a picture of her with the tiny little Twigs that she put on for the finishing of the bird nest... later I'm going to make a blog post about it... do you remember seeing the Mockingbirds last year those 4 sweet little birdies with their mouth open and the next day the black cat Got them....grrrr

  4. Can we buy you another basket from Amazon, so she can have her new home?

  5. That is a super generous offer. Thank you for being such an angel.


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