Sunday, January 08, 2017

Arctic Florida

I have on an undershirt, an overshirt, two sweaters, arm warmers, corduroy leggings, a neck scarf, a hat and boots just to walk the dog today in Florida.

And still I was c-c-c-cold!

It was 38 effing degrees when I walked him with winds blowing frigid air. We speed walked to the campground dumpster where he did his doggy business in multiple places then we speed walked back. In spite of his heavy shearling  coat, he was shivering and shaking.

harley in bed
When we got back, he went back to bed hiding under the covers for warmth.

I guess that arctic air mass the meteorologist excitedly promised us has arrived.


I love this mermaid blanket sold at Amazon. What a great idea for keeping your tail warm.

mermaid tail blanket

In the news today "Georgia Snow Tubing Park CLOSED... due to snow". I kid you not.

Life is goof.

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  1. Well, one wouldn't let even a dog out in such weather.
    Very cute picture of the dog in bed under cover!


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