Thursday, January 26, 2017

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Somebody said my dog looked scruffy.

I think he's kind of cute.

This picture was taken after I bathed him in the kitchen sink, then put him out to air dry in the sunshine. His blue towel is in the background. I just lay it out for him and he towels himself dry then sits in the sunshine with the wind blowing through his fur. I don't own a hair dryer, nor a fur dryer, so wind it is for my hair and his fur.

In case you are wondering, he really does have two ears, but he keeps one hidden away. When I take him for a ride on my bicycle I have to huff and puff and go over 7 miles per hour to get his second ear to stand up!

When I slow down, his ear slowly descends into oblivion hiding in his wild fur. Recently a friend helped me give him a fur trim with scissors from the shoulders down. I wouldn't dare touch his face or silly little head. I hated to cut any of his wild fur, but he was getting too many dreadlocks and that just wasn't a good look for him.

Harley begged to drive the rig that night and I let him, since I don't drive after dark anyhow. He LOVES to dive! It also gave me a chance to photograph his new fur-do after a couple of amateurs trimmed him up. He hates scissors, but we distracted him with a warm bath massage while snipping away. I had previously been conditioning him to the scissor sound. I was making lots of scissor noises around him without trimming him at all. He got to where the sound seemed kind of normal and he quit freaking out about it.

When he sees me preparing for his bath, he runs to sit in the far corner of my bed looking a tad apprehensive. But once I gently pick hum up and begin a nice warm bath for him, he is very calm about it all. I give him a gentle massage while lathering him up.

Snip. Snip. He didn't seem to mind. Only once he looked in alarm and we quickly hid the scissors. I resumed the gentle massage then my friend snipped away some more. We left his tail as is and didn't trim anything above the shoulders.

Yeah, I guess he is a bit scruffy. But he's my fur baby and I wuv him.

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  1. Harley is "scruffily adorable." With a personality like his, looks don't matter.


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