Saturday, January 21, 2017

Peace and Water (Part One)

Peace in the campground seems restored. While the thief or thieves were never officially caught or arrested, rumors are that a certain large group of people living together were evicted from the campground. Since then, there have been no more bicycle thefts or slashed tires. Whether this is coincidence or weird justice, I can feel the peace at night. My dog seems to have nothing to bark at in the wee hours. I am starting to sleep longer than an hour or so at a time. I can feel the peace, it's hard to explain. But it's a different vibe.

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Ironically, it's the same group that startled me late one night in early December a few days after my arrival. Some of the group were sneaking around the driver's side of my motorhome after dark which set my dog off barking at the top of his tiny lungs. I shoved open the window to stick my flashlight outside to see what the commotion was and was alarmed to see 4 people outside. They scampered off but stepped right on top of my connected flexible sewer hose, flattening it out.

Luckily the hose didn't break, I was able to sort of unflatten the hose the next day. I will have to replace it at some point. It's on the list now.

*BIG SIGH of frustration.*

It's a heavy duty vinyl type hose that has wiring inside of it coiled like a slinky for storage and gives it some rigidness when uncoiled. I didn't bother to complain nor report this. I just viewed it as a costly annoyance created by idiots taking a strange stupid choice in a night time shortcut.

It seemed to me very strange they were walking out there as my electric cord, water hose, and sewer hose are all laying on the ground there snaking around connecting to the utility area. With so much to trip over and them walking within a foot of my window, it did all seem a really odd choice to be walking around there after dark. There are much easier shortcuts and my utility area is next to a huge growth of wild shrubbery where critters tend to hide but it is too thick for humans to hide in there.

If one had a choice to take an easy lighted shortcut at night or choose one with obstacles in the dark, most folks of average intelligence might choose the easier lighted path. Others wouldn't take a shortcut at all out of respect for the campers and their privacy. But such is life. It's not perfect and idiots do live among us. Gosh, I sound kind of rude saying that. Oh well!

Last year I had snakes and a hard shelled 4 legged creature living over there. I forget what you call those little guys. This year I've seen raccoons and squirrels hiding in there plus YUCK I found a shedded snake skin laying near the utility area. YUCK YUCK YUCK. I do not like snakes one bit! I especially do not like the 2 legged snakes we've had in the campground and I really abhor the slithering ones too. YUCK YUCK YUCK.

See my blog post from 2016 in January that shows a picture of the snakes and the sewer hose. 

Another night in December, some of the same group once again was out beside my rig and the dog was barking like crazy. There is no reason for them to be out there. I lit them up with my spotlight and asked them "Can I help you with something out there?" They ran off without answering.

After that I set up an obstacle course by accident. By then I was intermittently working on my plumbing woes and had moved a folding table to hold tools and other stuff out there to facilitate the repairs. Of course at night, the tools were put away again, but the table stayed. Also I was using a second small table over there by now, a homemade job I have made from an old folding director's chair frame and a heavy board. I was using that area and the tables to wash dishes outside since I no longer had running water inside the rig. I also put a solar motion light over there that would recharge by day and come on at night if there was any movement over there.

A few days later, reports of bicycle thefts and weird vandalism such as slashed tires started happening around the campground. That particular large group had to move their rig, truck and cars around the campground a good bit, we call it the campground shuffle. Whenever they moved, they left a huge amount of garbage on their old site for the next campers to clean up.

You would be surprised how often I see this similar scenario in campgrounds! Let's go out in nature and trash it? It's a theory I fail to understand. When I arrived at my site, it was covered in lots of  little and some large bits of litter I had to clean up. So much of it was stomped into the grassy areas, that it did take a few hours to finally get it all up.  I would say in my years of moving around to various camp grounds, I have had to clean up my site (remove scattered garbage) upon arrival at least 50% of the time. I don't know why it is so hard for some campers and  travelers to reign in their garbage and haul it off to the dumpster.

It's one of life's mysteries I may never understand.

The last few weeks, I have been consumed with trying to get running water restored to the inside of my motorhome. It's all about 95% done now and I am jumping up and down with EXCITEMENT because I have RUNNING water again. Hot and cold INSIDE my motorhome and nothing is leaking inside anymore.

Tomorrow... part two...

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