Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Neighborhood Alligator


I finally got a picture of the alligator living at the Wickham Park campground. This was taken from  far away with an old camera. I blew up the picture to show you, that is an alligator. 

It is  not a log.

It is not a turtle.

Other long term campers acted like I was a fruitcake because I kept saying "There's an alligator in that pond." No one had seen him but me. How unfair! I see so much wildlife around us. Maybe because I don't have a car, I can't speed around ignoring creature features, so they tend to stand out to me.

I was labeled a nut job. Seeing things. I was told it was a turtle or a log I saw. NOT an alligator.

How do they know what I saw? I saw an alligator but still folks thought I was nuts.

Of course being that I am about the only one around in the camp that doesn't trot around with a smart phone with a camera, I kept missing photo opportunities of the gator. My word wasn't good enough. I needed proof. Sheesh.

One day I had my camera and there on the far shore of the pond was the alligator.

I got the picture!

While snapping away, I heard something behind me. It was a raccoon racing across the road. So I took his picture too.


Then an egret landed nearby so I took his portrait too.


I came home, downloaded the camera to the laptop, looked at the pictures and yepper what I've been seeing in the pond is an alligator. Not a log. Not a turtle.

pond at Wickham park

Life is goof. (There's an alligator in that pond too!)

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  1. My son and a friend were fishing at a small stream that ran through Ft Wilderness when they were about 11 years old. They hooked an alligator and went to the store to report it. They came back very indignant. They didn't believe them and laughed at them. We live in South Louisiana where we have alligators for road kill. I think these boys know an alligator when they see one.


Life is goof!