Saturday, January 28, 2017

I'm Here!

Pause for the cause.

I've been burning the candle at both ends trying to get things cobbled back together. My body is just plumb wore out. Failing and ailing, I need to rest up and put some of that energy towards healing.

My little old motorhome is more or less patched up now. I have running water! Now on to the next serious problems... or maybe not.

Every day is such a wonderful gift.

I just want to jump up with the sunrise and cram all I can into each day!

This is a VERY sharp rock about the size of a pencil tip.

I've been wearing these same  Croc shoes for over 4 years. Lately I would be walking around when suddenly I would be stabbed in my instep with a sharp needle type pain.


Time and again I would take my shoes off to inspect it for a needle or pin. It never revealed a thing. In frustration I threatened to throw my shoes out. Then what would I wear?

My dear sweet friend grabbed my shoe after getting permission to take a knife to it. He dug around with the tip of a Swiss Army knife aided by a big  lighted magnifying glass. Suddenly he said  "AH HA!" and handed me this super sharp piece of rock. The top end (Shown in the picture above) is needle sharp like a miniature scalpel for surgery!

It was buried inside the sole of my shoe, there was no evidence that it was hiding in there other than a teeny tiny sliver in the rubber that just looked like normal wear and tear.


I didn't know if something was wrong with my shoe, my foot or my silly head! The pain was excruciating  causing me to muffle a scream every time that scalpel sliced my sole.

Thanks to my friend, my shoes were spared a one way dive into the dumpster.

Life is goof!

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Life is goof!