Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Harley Fun

Home is where we park it... or as Harley Dog would say, Home is where we Bark.

I am celebrating 4 years in my rolling dog house!

Who'd a thunk it?

In 4 years I have put on 22,000 miles.  That's kind of funny considering it's my personal transport too and I've been to about 15 states, give or take. I will look at my log book and figure that out.

Just for grins, I drove it yesterday for the first time since November 15th.  I picked up my mail, grabbed some groceries, looked for bargains.

Traffic was gawd awful but amazingly I kept finding good parking spots for my rig, what luck!

At the mail service where I often take Harley inside to grab my mail, they were backed up silly with people trying to mail out boxes. Harley became the class clown, dancing, twirling, sashaying around the place, making folks laugh and poke fun at him. I said I was there to ship him off in as a gift!

Harley tried to hand out some sloppy kisses and lots of goodwill. It was pretty cold so he was wearing a screaming red sweater which made him even more of a goof ball. Where once there were grumpy people in line, Harley transformed them into happy laughing folks.

Oh what fun it it!

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