Monday, December 02, 2013

Lightfest in the Park

Hurricane season is officially over. Yay! Maybe I won't get blown away after all. 

Lightfest at Wickham Park in Melbourne, Florida goes on every night until December 31st. Campers get to take the tour for free at night in their RV or car, others pay per car load. It's the most incredible Christmas light show with hundreds of thousands of dazzling bulbs, some appear animated though it's the timing of them turning on and off. It's a winter wonderland of eye candy. It's held in the county park area, not in the campground proper, but campers tend to get in the swing and decorate the campground too.

See the schedule of extra events held some nights and more info on this annual fund raising event for the Boy Scouts.

Last year I missed the show entirely arriving a day late, this year I am trying to train on my bicycle to have enough energy for bike night on December 7th. Then on the 14th is a stroll through the lights night, won't that be a fun walk with the doggy! There is a horse and motorcycle night (separate nights) Maybe if I come up with a pony or a chopper...

Recently on live entertainment nights, I was able to hear the music from my site, since my door and awning area face in the direction of the stage.

For 3 years I've wanted to spend December in this campground, but I was elsewhere workamping.  Two years ago, I had to come here for almost a week for a medical mess. A friend with a car came to camp with me and escort me to/from doctors. Harley Dog was neutered at the same time, so we were both a bit miserable. Pain pills improved our mood when my friend loaded doggy and I into the car to go tour the lightfest.

I took loads of photos in 2011, but most came out really blurry. A token few semi-clear ones are shown below (about 1% of the display).

Next I tried to  make a video, but it came out all messed up except you can hear us laughing hysterically. One of the displays had malfunctioned, making it appear a tad lewd what with the moving lights that blink in sequence showing a man chopping down a Christmas Tree but the errant pattern and missing bulbs made it seem like he was *ahem* entertaining himself instead. The next day they were hastily repairing the display.

We drove through a 200 foot tunnel of a zillion moving lights super slow, trying to sing "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds"  from the Beatles' 1967 biggest selling album of the 60's "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band".

I haven't officially toured the lights yet this year but I am surely looking forward to it. The other night a camper and I walked a ways after dark to take a sneak peek at just a few of them.

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  1. We have done a few of those around the country and are always fun:)


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