Monday, December 23, 2013

Move Along Small Rig You Don't Matter

My little doggy is so spoiled. Most days we walk all the way to the dog park and back. One day when I was looking pale and shaky, a lady offered us a ride in her car back to the campground. Normally I would turn down such frivolity, but I was wishing I hadn't walked to the dog park at all, because I felt so weak when I arrived. Funny how an angel suddenly appeared to save me. Harley was thrilled to ride with her and her canine too. They got along fine. We were super grateful for the ride.

Luckily, since then, I've been fine and able to walk there and back. Harley would like for me to roller skate so he can race there pulling me along. I just don't think that would be cost effective, as I can just imagine going through numerous bandages per day.

I think if Harley escapes again, he will run for the dog park.  He surely knows the way by now. He doesn't understand why I vary the route. He tries to drag me along his preferred route, it's so funny. I must admit, he is getting me to walk faster and faster. Whew! It's not easy either, but I keep pushing away.

Some days we were riding the bicycle, but then we've had such strong winds, I didn't feel up to it. It takes a lot of pedal power to go upwind. Apparently I am not too good at this.

I dream about getting an electric front wheel for my bicycle. Then I could have some motor assist when I feel the need. The battery is rechargeable, the motor near silent. I could probably bike to the grocery store then, with the confidence to get back home. But it's all just a dream for now.

On another note...

I try to get along with with folks in the campground. But once again, owners of a "big rig" are trying to force me out of my spot. They want my pre-reserved camping site and suggested I move to a tiny spot that I don't care for. The problem is I don't want to move. I made this reservation last year for this spot. I like it and want to keep it. When I do need to drive my rig for groceries, it's easy for me to get in and out.

This campground does have numerous camp sites in all different sizes. But they charge us campers all the same, whether we are in a big rig or a tiny economical one, the monthly rent is the exact same.

My thinking is, if their rig is too big, then they should plan ahead, reserve and prepay for the spot they want. I think it's unfair to just show up one day and announce they want my spot and therefore I should be willing to jump up and move to account for their lack of preplanning. They fit into the spot they are in now, they just like mine better and expect me to jump up and move for them. Personally I find this incredulous and pushy.

How many folks would be willing to give up their reserved spot simply because someone else decided they wanted it too? I've been shoved into the tiny spots before, but this year I planned ahead.

Incredibly, this is not the first time this has happened to me. I would not dream of picking out someone else's reservation and then insisting they move to accommodate me. But these folks went so far as to ask the ranger to move me around. The ranger says he can't make me move, all he can do is ask if I want to.

Why me? I don't need this extra stress. To make matters worse the entire subject is part of the idle campground gossip and frankly, I am sick of it. Folks are divided. Most think I should stay put others think I should move (they are friends with the folks who want my spot.) I'm just trying to be a happy camper.

If the campground were giving me a special small rig rate, I would be happy to move, but I pay the exact same rent as the big rigs, so I do not feel like being treated like a second class citizen because I live in a compact RV. I've had problems like this before, small rig, same rate, tiny spot. But I planned ahead, made a reservation and prepaid the required deposit for this spot so I wouldn't be shoved into the tiniest one at the last minute.

My first 3 winters in Florida I was mostly workamping and then taking pot luck on my other camp sites, which meant I often ended up in the least desirable spots. But finally last year I scraped up enough funds to make an advance reservation for this winter. I couldn't find workamping this winter that was suitable for me. I can no longer do any of the heavy labor workamping assignments. Finding those without heavy labor in winter, in Florida for a solo camper proved impossible this winter. I still look, in case something pops up.

The truth being, my health is erratic, I'm in a great deal of pain some days without benefit of pain relievers. I try to do mind over matter, but some days the pain is stronger than my mind I guess.

Someone has already nabbed my current spot for next winter. That's OK. I got a list of sites available for my preferred dates next year. Harley was thrilled we walked the campground 4 or 5 times, hemming and hawing over the various spots still available, until we found one that smiled at us. It gives us something to look forward to I suppose, that we will be alive and well enough next year to be here. (Fingers crossed!)

Some spots are lumpy, some are grassy, some are sandy, some are shady, some are on or near a small lake, some aren't, some are large, some are small, some are easier to get in and out of than others.

I so hate planning a year ahead, but if one wants to spend winter in Florida on a set budget, one needs to be well organized.  It's OK to be disorganized with deep pockets. But the reality is that Florida is popular in the winter. I happen to enjoy camping in this particular campground because it does give Harley Dog a chance to visit the off-leash dog park almost daily during our visit. We both enjoy this. In the summer where we workamp, the nearest dog park is over 30 miles away, not something we can just walk to in a half hour.

Ironically, of all the dogs in the campground, Harley is the only camping visitor to the dog park except when my friend visits in her rig with her dog. The rest of the canine folks we meet at the dog park are from the surrounding neighborhoods. I think it's kind of sad, the other dog owners don't bother to use the dog park, but what the heck, to each their own.

Harley spends his life in a tiny RV or on a leash or tether. The freedom of running wild in the dog park is heavenly for his speedy little spindly legs. It also gives him a chance to socialize with other dogs and run with a pack for awhile. A dog being a dog.

Somebody donated several balls to the dog park, including a green tennis ball. Harley loves to play catch, fetch, keep away and toss. He also likes guarding the green ball when he is too winded to play chase and fetch. Twice now, he has tried to sneak the ball home!  I make him leave it at the dog park for the other canines to enjoy too. (But he still thinks it is his!)

Here he is resting at the dog park, while guarding the green tennis ball. If someone walks near him, he slaps his paws on top of the ball!  It's funny and it's embarrassing that my little pup is so spoiled. But I love him anyhow. He brings laughter to me and the other visitors to the dog park.


  1. That's pretty arrogant of the other RVer - expecting you to move just for their convenience. Stay where you are and enjoy the fact that you planned and they didn't! Merry Christmas to you and Harley!

  2. You go, girl! Don't let those bullies get to you!!!

  3. Don't let them ruin your Zen! Some people just think they can push others around. Stand your ground! If you were a big, bulky guy with a pitbull, they wouldn't even ask you.

  4. I would definitely not move for those folks. They have a huge amount of nerve to even think that should happen!

  5. I think your were right not to move. I followed your saga on (I am Chanda there) and like your blog.

    You mentioned roller skates and bicycles as ways to walk your dog. Have you considered a kick scooter? My dog looks to be the size of yours and we scoot together - she doesn't really pull me, although she can.. There are several inexpensive adult kick scooters that are much lower impact than bikes or skates and can let you go much further that walking.

    1. Will a kick scooter work on dirt roads? The short cut to the dog park is mostly dirt road. Not sure what a kick scooter is, sounds like work, LOL! Maybe I could learn to kick rear end with it...

  6. Regarding the rig that wants you to move, I'd simply tell everyone, how much you love your spot and every time you se e those people, wave real big and smile bigger. The nerve.


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