Friday, September 02, 2016

Hurricane Cave

Sometimes my crystal ball works.

When I saw a hurricane in my crystal ball future I ran across South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia and half way through Ohio to the old man's cave. 

I have survived many hurricanes. Too many!

Some were very scary.

After a few the aftermath wasn't pretty. I saw some ugly things done by both desperate and sometimes overly greedy humans. Other acts were committed by outright criminals. You might think someone you know is a decent law abiding person, but then again, you may find out differently after a severe tragedy.  In the midst of all the mayhem,  were truly wonderful people who helped each other and helped their community. They are the unsung heroes. Too busy and benevolent to rob or pillage or grandstand on media, they are feeding the hungry, sweeping up the mess while wearing invisible angel wings. Some have lost everything but they are still helping everyone else.

These are the folks you never hear about but there they are, making right out of wrong. 

In this day and age where consumers are heavily encouraged to forego cash and use only electronic payments, I can tell you that after any major disaster, cash is king. You could have a million dollars in the bank but if you have no cold hard cash in your hand, you can't even get a cup of water or a can of soup. Those that have will sell to those that have cash.

The RED CROSS is generally the first to arrive to lend a helping hand. They have the power and contacts to mobilize the supplies needed right away.  Tons of other charities will suddenly pop up out of nowhere asking for your money. Give your donations to Red Cross. Don't be fooled by the thousand and one new charities. Many (not all) but many are simply opportunistic scammers. I have seen this first hand several times. The RED CROSS has been around for ages. They have a magical way of cutting through the red tape and getting the aid right where it belongs in fast short order.

I have seen them respond first hand and it was incredible to see how quickly they helped so many so rapidly.


You can make a difference.


  1. I am so very glad you went to your safe place and are not facing the ravages of the storm. There is indeed an advantage to being mobile.

  2. Thanks for the wise advice. I need to start stashing away more cash. I did this when I started full-timing but have been very lax about it recently. Got to put more aside and hide it in at least two different places.

  3. I live in South Louisiana and have seen the Red Cross at work. They are like anything the government gets involved in, there are too many rules and regulations. It take them a week or more to get their act together. If we sat around waiting for the Red Cross we would be in a bind. We are use to neighbors helping neighbors. If I know someone personally who's house flooded I get them the supplies they need and help them. That way I know where my money goes.

  4. So true Miss Mermaid!
    Always enjoy your posts,,,and pray you take good care of you and Harley!
    Stay safe,travel well!


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