Monday, September 19, 2016

Patch and Go... Maybe

Michigan has been gorgeously wonderful in numerous ways.

Now it's time to pack it all up and backtrack for repairs, since the parts arrived.

Patch and Go!

My new nickname.

Thanks to reading the comments... I just heard about the pipeline break and gas shortages. Good grief. What are all those trucks on the highway hauling? I thought gasoline was delivered to the stations by trucks.

I am confused.

Nothing new there!




  1. There is a pipeline from Houston to New York which delivers the bulk of gas to the east coast areas. This pipeline supplies New York, Virginia, Alabama, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia. Now it must be transported by ships and trucks which will increase the price of the gas and decrease the availability of the gas. There are pipelines all over the country and, yes, they do break.

    The Indian Nations in North Dakota are fighting over a pipeline crossing their sacred grounds. It also crosses the Missouri River over their location which is their only water supply. If the pipeline companies succeed in putting in the pipeline, the water of the Indian Tributes can be endangered by potential leaks. The Indians are protesting at this time and been attacked by dogs by the pipeline people. A judge very recently ruled in favor of the pipeline.

  2. Well, I read Colonial has repaired the break so gas should go down. This is good, but not much mention of the millions of gallons that have polluted the area. I suppose they will try to clean up some of it.


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