Wednesday, March 22, 2017

One Piece Pop Up Screen Room

This pop up screen room is simply amazing. As I write this, only 11 are left in stock, so if you want yours, click here to see it on Amazon. 

It's all one piece with an attached roof, 4 walls, a door and attached floor. I live in campgrounds and RV parks year round. I love the outdoors but sometimes the bugs or falling leaves or pollen loves me too much. This screen room has such fine sturdy mesh, that even noseeums can't invade. Even when it's not buggy, it's a nice room that keeps out  falling leaves and pine needles.

When mine arrived we had big clumps of pollen falling out of the trees and it was nice not to have the table and chairs covered in nature debris. My table shown inside is 34 inches square, 4 chairs with room to spare will fit in the center with it. Optionally you can use a tarp or patio mat underneath it to give the floor further protection from broken acorns or rocks.

It stores in a round flat bag the size of a giant pizza about 34 inches in diameter. The picture shows the bag empty because I am busy using the screen room with my chairs and table inside of it while I type this.

Pull the circular room out of the bag and carefully let it uncoil and pop up. It will be the size of one wall. Unfold to an L shape, then pull from the inside out to bring out the other 2 panels to make it square shape. You may need to give it a gentle shake to let the attached floor  and roof adjust. There you have it. Instant screen room. All one piece.

If you measure it like a TV on the diagonal, it's 9.5 feet, if you measure the floor side to side it's 7 feet. The height inside is 7 feet.

Save the instructions that come with it so you can fold the 4 sides back down to 1 side, then twist the steel frame so that it makes loops and converts to the 34 inch round diameter to store back in the round flat bag. Save the instructions. Did I mention save the instructions? There is a pouch on the front of the bag to store the instructions. Save the instructions. I wrote on mine SAVE FOREVER.

On the outside of the screen room is 8 tabs around the floor and 8 tabs in the middle. It came with a bag of stakes and adjustable lines if you need to nail it down and tether it from the winds.

When I first saw this, about 2 years ago, I was saving up to buy one. Then when I got my money together, they were out of stock. They stayed out of stock for about 8 months. Recently it came back on the market.

As I write this, only 11 are left for sale on Amazon at this link.   I think it's a super cool idea, because I have tiny storage space. When I need to pack up and move, it will collapse back down to a hungry giant pizza size.

Tiny home living just got better!

TIP: Make sure the zippered door is fully closed before you stake it down, and zip the door fully before relocating it or folding it back down.


  1. these are pretty cool, I have the privacy one, I was thinking about this big one but didn't realize they cost that much. I do have a brand new easy up so I will see how that works for me first.

  2. That is a perfect solution for you and other campers. Do you have to worry about Harley putting holes in it?


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