Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Paint and Construction Mess

Bedroom painting of the cabinet doors and drawers is almost complete. I love the new look! Amazing the amount of dirty and crud that had to be sanded off. I thought my housekeeping was pretty good, but then again, maybe not.

When I joke about how tiny my closet is, I am not kidding! That mirrored door shown below is my closet. Beneath it are my 3 dresser drawers.

My entire yearround wardrobe fits into this tiny area except for one super warm bulky jacket. I used to have a beautiful waterproof trench coat (bought used in 2009) but I regifted it this summer. Storing it between uses was always problematic.

Then last fall, when I traveled to a wedding celebration, the bride and groom gave me this awesome rain jacket that is so long it hangs down mid-thigh plus has a hoodie. I love it. It is made of some newfangled waterproof material that enables it to fold up teeny tiny or hang up taking up miniscule room in my efficiently tight closet.

But, the way I see it, I am super lucky to own clothes and have a place to keep them!

Life is awesome.

These pictures are showing off the paint job. Just the cabinet doors and drawers got a makeover. They were removed and taken outside for a spray paint job after loads of sanding and cleaning. The brass pulls were removed, thoroughly cleaned and put back on. The hinges and hardware were taped over with blue painters tape, to prevent overspray from marring them.

Today's tip:

If you decide to take down your cabinet doors and drawers to paint, make SURE you mark them as to where each one goes, so you don't drive yourself crazy trying to line the hinges back up again. Also, mark your drawers so you can get them back to where they belong.

Shown below (in the picture) are the three upper cabinets above the windows above my bed.

Those cabinets hold:
the little vacuum cleaner and all the optional  attachments
Harley's doggy wardrobe and supplies
RV repair parts and supplies
my sewing kit with iron
a pile of stuff I need to mend (hand sewing takes me a super long time, about an inch per hour)
a big box of old pictures from my days living in the Caribbean before digital cameras
a big box of alternative treatment supplies
emergency roof repair tape
new fabric for curtains bought before the little sewing machine died (it's dead and gone now)
a baggy with my big bulky super warm jacket for when it's c-c-c-cold
a few sentimental items I should sell on ebay (need cash)
And that about fills those cabinets to near capacity.

If I had a way to convert all the pictures to digital, I could dispose of them and free up some room.

Below is a hanging locker in the corner of the bedroom above the end table.

I don't use it for hanging, as my shirts are tunic length and too long for the short cabinet and it's hard to reach. So it is full of little square clear containers which hold:
more RV parts and supplies like
duck tape, painters tape, masking tape
super glue, 2 part epoxy, doublestick tape
assorted velcro
underwater weld
old broken cameras (in case I get them fixed?)
odd plumbing parts
office supplies like staples, paper, envelopes
a stack of my book "Hurricanes and Hangovers" in case I get over my shyness and sell some
a ton of paperwork I would love to shred and dispose of soon (all things take time and I have to shred by hand)

The white pole attached near the ceiling is where I hang plastic clothes hangers with freshly laundered clothes and towels for hang drying inside when I can't dry outside (I save a bundle of money by not wasting quarters in the dryers)

Now that I look at the picture, I see the EMPTY basket on the wall. This is rare. It's usually crammed full of stuff, but I was putting things away and the basket was emptied out.

Tiny home living.

What fun!

I've been working on a new blog called "Tiny Home Lifestyle Reviews".  It's under construction, but does already have over 100 pages written.

Many of the products are often provided (for free) to me by vendors who want me to test them out and write about them. Occasionally there is minuscule pay involved in this, but mostly it's just a way for me to acquire useful products for free.

Matter of fact, in the picture above, there is a big glow from a tiny cylindrical lamp. You can't really see it well in the picture, but it's one of the products I received for testing. It has 3 dimmer settings plus a choice of 6 different mood colors.

Life is goof!


  1. Wow. Beautiful job. The light color makes it look so cheerful. Hope you and Wolfman are well. Hugs, Tango

  2. It is coming together nicely like having a new place almost.

  3. great job. You have encouraged me to continue the paint! Thank you.


Life is goof!