Monday, March 13, 2017

Strange Justice

Life in America still leaves me feeling very clueless. Much of my adult life was spent working overseas.

In my absence America became a bit more complicated.

I am all for simplicity. I feel so alone in this wishful thinking.

Now onto strange but true news...

Recently the local jails were discovered to be overcrowded.

Incredibly they ran a one day plea bargain special for time served. 16 inmates immediately plea bargained their cases and  were released.

Ain't that something.

Typically a plea bargain is an arrangement to plead guilty to the crime charged or plead to a lessor crime in exchange for a specific sentence consideration.

Now if one happens to be innocent and thrown in jail by mistake, this type of enticement can wreck a good record. One has to wait months maybe years to finally go to court and prove innocence.

Justice is strange.

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