Monday, December 04, 2017

A Fool and A Full Moon

What's the use of waking up if you can't laugh about it?

Full Moon

Well this fool cut her hair on the full moon. I should say trimmed it. My hair is still down to my waist.

A few moons ago I made a mistake trimming it and by the time I got that straightened out, well it was much shorter than I intended. I'd love to keep it longer, as long as I can't sit on it. Once I start sitting on my hair it's a pain in the butt.

The dog and I don't do groomers.

Part of our efficient budget.

Oh sure we'd love to sit down and have someone else pamper us for a change, but we don't and that's that.

If we look goofy, now you know why.

More to laugh about!  Giggles are so good for the soul.

Am I trained in cutting hair?


Will I cut or trim your hair?


For some strange reason I've been asked this quite a few times.

I taught myself to trim my own hair because I love comedy.

So where are the pictures? I took some before and after, but they are very blurry. I thought the camera was broken. Later I discovered it was not broken. PHEW!

Some idiot didn't check the camera first and the little point and shoot dial was dialed around the wrong way. Oh wait. That idiot was me.

Life is goof.

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