Saturday, December 30, 2017

RV Fun

It's been a wild and crazy year for this wild and crazy RVer.

Some days are tough and others are tougher but I have to just slow down, smile, be grateful I have food and bed and wish for the best. Life is good or as I like to say life is goof!

One of my bizarre challenges in continuing to write every day is the rapid rate at which technology keeps changing faster than I can keep up with my old equipment and programs. At this point and time it's just not possible for me to drop everything to cough up a tidy sum  for better hardware which would force me into newer versions of windows or Mac or all those new names floating around of Androids and Smart this and that,  which means my current old programs won't work anymore, so then it's buying new programs, learning those and then finding out I can't open up old files that contain valuable information. On top of that spend weeks and months to learn all new equipment and programs.

I don't want to lose valuable time along the way for smiling and rejoicing at another day alive on planet earth.

Maybe others can happily keep up with this foolishness, but I wonder, when do they have time to cook a pot of beans or smile and giggle? 

What's wrong with smiling and being happy? Do I need a new car fancier than the Jone's to make me happy? No. I don't even have a car, old or new.

I am happy about that because that is my current reality. Acceptance and move on to other happy things.

There is this transition beyond my control that working offline is no longer available for many mundane things that used to make my life simple and easier. Many programs refuse to work offline. Being connected 24/7 to internet is problematic for me. It appears the internet and computer usage is all being tracked meticulously with assumptions made by other computers and trackers that throw a lot of crazy chaos in my life because their assumptions are dead wrong.

It's wasting too much of my precious time. 

Suddenly I am locked out of my blog and to get back in, huge demands that I find ridiculously invasive to my personal privacy and security are made upon me to unlock the code to get back in.

I want to keep writing and posting and smiling. 

My bank sent me into a wild panic because they suddenly locked me out. It took hours and hours and loops and hoops and many lengthy phone calls spent listening to gawdawful "hold" music set to a volume to break the speaker in my phone before being handed off to 2-3-4-5 different people with assorted accents, some I couldn't understand and others couldn't understand me,  then me answering a long list of  bizarre multiple choice questions including who was my father's 3rd or 4th wife and 4th or 5th marriage (he married my mother twice, so that is confusing too) and do I recognize her  (supposedly one of the surviving ex-wives who has to be nearly 90 by now) and her new married name and the current state she live in.

State of CHAOS was not offered as a multiple choice answer. The person on the other end of the phone did not understand my answer. State of C-H-A-O-S.

Which both my parents have been deceased for a long time now and I found these type of questions super creepy and told the bank but they ignored me and wanted to know my favorite movie. HUH? I don't have a favorite movie and who cares?   All the while I was  wondering if some cyber crook had wiped out my last few dollars? 

I thought I was saving a tree by spending 8 years without the bank being forced to print out 96 statements and have those chase me around.

Apparently me traveling or living in a little old motorhome has caused my bank to have a major meltdown over this lack of a permanent sticks and bricks place.

If the banking system crashes and comes to an end,  you heard it here first.

It's all my fault.

Pardon me while I smile and giggle and be grateful I woke up alive.

THANK you for your patience while blogger and I dual it out over who has control of my blog... me or them.

Thank you angels on heaven and on earth for looking out for this simple happy fool.

I feel like the luckiest person alive. 

You rock my world.

P.S.,  I am very sorry if I caused the entire banking system to crash.


  1. I recently repaid to you a 32-year debt through PayPal. While I could adjust the amount for inflation, I do not have the means to pay that much interest. If you did not receive the payment, let me know and I will investigate on my end.

  2. I hope you have a better and happy New Year.

  3. I can sympathize with you 100%. My husband died in September and the bank froze my account. I was his caregiver and believe me the government knew he was dead before I did. And I was holding his hand. Computers are great but the information you have to share is unreal. By the way we lived on ss and small retirement funds. Not rich. Not rich at all. You stay safe sweet lady. Hope our paths cross someday. I’ll be the one walking on the highway.


Life is goof!