Tuesday, December 05, 2017

Giving Thanks

A quote from my May 16, 2011 post:

Even though I feel positively drained, I am trying to push myself to get up at dawn, plowing through each glorious day. I am just so super lucky to have shelter, clothing and food. That's all we really ever need.  And companionship. The rest is superfluous. 

I think of it as the 4-C's;  
Cover, clothing, cuisine and companionship. 

If you can have the four basics in life, then you are filthy rich and faring far better than many folks who struggle and juggle to barely keep their own basics together, often losing out on one or more. 


It's all still true today.  

Every day I try to write. Some days are good and some are even better. 

I am trying to wake up grateful, plaster a smile on my face and think positively. 

Sounds so easy, but can feel like a struggle some days.

I woke up alive, and that's a really good start!

I owe so many many THANKS to all the wonderful people and angels in my life. 

Thank you so very very much for plopping by.

My neighbors looked in on me today.

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